Here’s Your Alaska USA Routing Number [2023]

Knowing your financial institution’s routing number is important because you will need them to make money transfers online, pay bills, receive payments, and much more. 

In this article, we’ll help you find your Alaska USA Routing Number and account number and some other crucial information about it.

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Alaska USA Routing Number
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

What is Alaska USA Routing Number?

Alaska USA Routing number is 325272021.

It is a nine-digit number that identifies the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union from other financial institutions.

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union has four branches in the United States and they all share the same routing number.

Although some financial institutions like JP Morgan’s Chase, Bank Of America, and Wells Fargo have multiple routing numbers by State based on where they are situated, the Alaska USA FCU Routing number is the same for its four branches across the States.

Alaska USA BranchesAlaska USA FCU Routing Number

Alaska USA Routing Number for ACH Transfers

Alaska USA Routing Number for ACH transfers is 325272021

To make an ACH transfer, you’ll need the recipient’s account number, name, financial institution, identification number, and so on. 

Also, to receive payment through the ACH transfer, you’ll need your Alaska USA Routing number and your electronic account number. 

You will learn how to generate your electronic account number in the other part of this post.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a quick and effective way to send money to different recipients with varying financial institutions or banks. 

ACH transfers are easier to use particularly when you have a lot of recipients to send money to. 

Alaska USA Routing Number for Wire Transfer

 Alaska USA Routing Number for Wire Transfer is 325272021. 

Your Alaska USA Routing number and account number are the basic information you need to receive a wire transfer payment from other financial institutions within the USA.

Other information needed includes your name and home address. For you to make a wire transfer with your Alaska USA account number, you’ll need your address.

You will also need the recipient’s name, address, account number, financial institution name, and routing number. 

In summary, to make a wire transfer locally, your Alaska USA Routing number and account number are required. 

And if it’s an outgoing wire transfer, you’ll need the receiver’s financial institution routing number and account number.

Alaska USA Swift Code for International Wire Transfer

You cannot receive an international wire transfer using the Alaska USA routing number or SWIFT code

Some banks or financial institutions within and outside of the United States usually would have a SWIFT code that you can use for your international wire transfer or payment. 

In the case of the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, there is no SWIFT CODE. 

However, for you to make an international wire transfer to a recipient in another country, you’ll need a list of information. 

The information needed includes your home address, the receiver’s name, and home address, the receiver’s bank name, city, country, bank swift code, account number, currency, and so on. 

To get more information about this, simply contact Alaska USA FCU at 1-800-525-9094 or check them out online.

What is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a unique nine-digit number that identifies or specifies a particular bank or financial institution from another. 

Routing numbers are essential unique numbers used by banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to differentiate themselves from the others. 

They are used in the United States financial institutions to locate a bank or credit union from the other.

Just like your Alaska USA Account Number is unique to your account, it is that the Alaska USA FCU routing number is unique to the financial institution. 

Routing numbers are also sometimes called ABA numbers or routing transfer numbers(RTN)

Routing numbers are essential because they can be easily used to make a wire transfer and direct deposit,  pay online bills, transfer money locally & globally, etc.

How to Find Your Alaska USA Routing Number?

You can find your Alaska USA Routing number through the following method:

1. How to Find your Alaska USA Routing Number through Check?

To find your Alaska USA routing Number through Check, look at the bottom left corner of your Alaska USA bank-issued check.

The first nine digits next to the account number are your Alaska USA FCU routing number.

However, if you aren’t sure about the number, you can always use other methods to find your Alaska Federal Credit Union Routing number.

2. How to Find your Alaska USA Routing Number Online?

Alaska Credit Union Routing number can be found in one of the following ways:

  • By proceeding to Alaska Bank’s FAQs section here.
  • By logging into your Alaska bank’s online banking portal to look up your routing number under your “account details” section.
  • By contacting the Alaska USA customer service center at 1-800-525-9094 or email at [email protected].
  • Or looking up the Federal Reserve’s website or the American Banking Association if you don’t have your checkbook handy.

3. How to Find Your Alaska USA Routing number on the App?

  • Start by downloading the Alaska USA FCU online banking app from Google play store and Apple store.
  • The Routing Number can then be found in the information provided under the “Accounts” tab for your preferered checkings or savings account.

Where Can I Find My Alaska USA Account Number?

You can find your Alaska USA account number by simply checking the upper part of your monthly account statement and your checkbook.

Also, you can get your Alaska USA Account Number on your mobile app by logging into it and going through the information on the Account details.

How Do I Set Up Direct Deposit for Alaska USA?

For you to set up a direct deposit for Alaska USA, you’ll need to know your Alaska USA Credit Union Routing number. You’ll also need to generate your Alaska USA electronic account number, which is different from your Alaska USA account number. 

The electronic account number can be generated online by inputting your account number, account type, and two-digit ID into your Electronic Account Number Calculator. Check that out here.

When you have your Alaska Credit Union routing number and you have generated your electronic account number, then you can use these for your direct deposit and payment.

Simply provide those two pieces of information to your depositor.

Alaska Credit Union Routing Number: Conclusion

Finding your Alaska USA Routing number is simple to do. However, you need to follow the ways explained in the post. Find out more about Alaska USA Federal Credit Union below.

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