Your Columbia Bank Routing Number [Revealed!]

You are probably jaded about having to look for your Columbia bank’s routing number and you want to get over it, isn’t that so? If so, you don’t have to stress any further! 

The ease that comes with knowing your routing number without beating a sweat is unexplainable and this is because the routing number is used for performing quite crucial financial operations like setting up direct deposits, ordering checks and even performing domestic transfers.

Luckily, Columbia Bank has made things simple for you as it employs one routing number, unlike other central banks like Citibank which operates with more than one.

In this article, I will be introducing you to your Columbia bank routing number while also showing you how to locate it if the need arises.

Keep reading on to get in the know!

What is Columbia Bank Routing Number?

Columbia Bank Routing Number

Your Columbia Bank routing number is 221271935.

As a customer and subscriber to the Columbia Bank, this is the 9-digit number that you need when performing important banking functions like transfers or ordering checks. 

Normally, you can easily locate your Columbia routing number by looking at the bottom-left corner of the check issued to you by the bank. 

Also known as the American Banker’s Association Routing Number (ABA RTN), this number is issued as an address to any bank under the aforementioned association of American financial institutions.

Columbia Bank Routing Number for ACH Transfers 

221271935 is the Columbia Bank routing number for ACH Transfers. This includes both international and domestic ACH transfers.

ACH transfers which mean ‘Automated Clearing House’ is just one of the couple of financial activities you can do with the routing number in this category. Others include payment of taxes, applying for tax refunds and also transfers between accounts of different banks.  

For a successful transfer to happen without restrictions, you need to provide this number as a confirming address and identity of the sender’s bank, to facilitate approval on the side of the receiver. 

Columbia Bank Routing Number for Domestic Wire Transfers

Domestic wire transfers can be made possible using the Columbia Bank routing number 221271935

These transfers cover a couple of similar financial transactions primarily on transfers between local banks. However, you cannot use the routing number independently as you need other important details of the receiver like their account number, name of the recipient as it is on the address of your account as it appears on the recipient’s bank including the state and city.

You will also need the recipient’s bank’s routing number to push play to any domestic wire transfers using Columbia bank routing number.

Columbia Bank Swift Code For International Wire Transfers

Just like most small banks and credit unions in the US, Columbia Bank has no swift code.

This outcome is because of how small in organization the bank is, and how it operates too. The banks that fall in this category do not have Swift Codes, IBANS or even any given international routing number to their names. Judging by this, processing international transfers proves to be hard and impossible.

There’s a catch though. You can bypass the hurdles of not having a Swift Code by going through a means made available by the bank. As a customer of Columbia Bank, you can employ the use of intermediary banks or Credit Union approved by the bank such as the Wells Fargo Int’l bank. 

Even at this, you will still need the Columbia Bank routing number 221271935 as it is needed for you to access the services of any intermediary banks for any international transfers.

What is a Routing Number?

A nine-digit identifier called the routing number, commonly known as the ABA routing number (short for the American Bankers Association), is used by banks to identify particular financial institutions in the United States.

Routing numbers are used in a variety of circumstances, with some typical ones including ordering more checks, paying bills, setting up direct deposits (such for wages), and paying taxes.

The smooth and precise processing of transactions depends on having the correct routing number in each of these scenarios.

How To Find My Columbia Bank Routing Number?

Pending the importance of the routing number, you need to be able to find it easily as a Columbia bank customer. Getting this is not at all a hard task if you know where to look. I’ll be walking you through the best ways to get that. 

How To Find Your Columbia Bank Routing Number Online?

There are two most comfortable ways to find your routing number through this method and it include.

  • On the Website:

Yes, you can locate your routing number on the Columbia bank’s website by scrolling down to the last area of the landing page called the footer. The routing number is found on the bottom right corner of the footer just below call customer services.

How To Find Columbia Bank Routing Number Online
  • Via Online Banking:

Alternatively, you can find your routing number on Columbia bank online banking;

  • Sign into your online banking account and you’ll see your routing number on display.
  • Navigating through the pages on your account allows you to see other needed accounting details like your account number which you also need.

Where To Find Your Columbia Bank Routing Number on the Check?

Also, you can locate your Columbia bank routing number on the check issued by the bank.

To see this, look for the routing number on the bottom left corner of the paper check. It is the 9-digit number that is located next to your account number on the check note.

With these two numbers in view, your financial transactions with Columbia Bank are bound to be seamless.

How To Find It on the Columbia Bank App?

The Columbia Bank Online banking app is another viable place from where you can locate your Columbia Bank routing number. To do this, follow the steps mapped out below:

  • Download the bank app on either Google Play Store or the App Store
  • Launch the app and log in by navigating to the Columbia bank login.
  • Scroll to locate the Account Details tab and tap. 
  • On the next page, you’ll view your routing number, account number, and other important bank details.

The above-mentioned steps are your go-to steps in case you want to locate your Columbia Bank routing number on the bank app. It is seamless and takes no time to load up just like the previous methods stated already.

Columbia Bank Address/ Customer Service Number

The Columbia Bank Customer Service number is 1 (800) 522-4167.

You can reach out to the bank via this number in case of any complaints regarding your financial transactions with the bank. Meanwhile, if you wish to visit Columbia Bank you might want to know the Columbia Bank address @ Corporate HQ 19-01 Route 208 North Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410.

Just like the phone service is open from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, the bank office observes the same time restrictions. So, you might want to get your complaints or need for clarification entered between these hours.

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