Middlesex Savings Bank Routing Number [Revealed!]

Are you tired of wasting time searching for your Middlesex Savings Bank Routing Number every time you need to complete a transaction? Look no further!

Having easy access to your bank’s routing number is crucial for ordering checks, setting up direct deposits, and making online payments seamlessly.

Unlike CitiBank and its likes, Middlesex Bank uses a single routing number for all its services, hence there’s no scope for any confusion.

In this article, I’ll be showing you how best to find your Middlesex Bank routing number and where to look.

Don’t miss out—keep reading to simplify your banking experience!

Middlesex Savings Bank Routing Number

Middlesex Savings Bank Routing Number

Your Middlesex Savings Bank routing number is 211371227.

This nine-digit routing number, also known as the American Bankers Association Routing Transit Number (ABA RTN), serves as a digital address for bank transfers within the US.

All customers of Middlesex Bank require this number to perform crucial financial transactions like setting up a direct deposit and paying bills.

It is most commonly found on the bottom-left corner of your check issued by Middlesex Bank.

Middlesex Savings Bank Routing Number For ACH Transfers 

211371227 is Middlesex Bank routing number for all domestic and international ACH transfers.

This nine-digit number is used by every branch of the Middlesex Bank and it determines how payments should be received and sent. 

The routing number is required to complete Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers between separate bank accounts, submit taxes to collect your tax refund or debit a tax payment, or perform other financial transactions.

Middlesex Bank Routing Number For Domestic Wire Transfers

When it comes to domestic transfers within the United States, you can use the routing number 211371227.

However, there is certain information you will need to pull through the process. They include:

  • Name of the receiver as it reads on the address of your account with the recipient’s bank (including state and city)
  • Bank routing number
  • Account number in a bank.

Meanwhile, the Middlesex Bank routing number is also a prerequisite if you’re making international wire transfers.

Middlesex Bank SWIFT CODE for International Wire Transfers

Middlesex Bank does not have a SWIFT CODE.

This is because small banks and credit unions in the United States, including Middlesex Bank, do not possess Swift Codes, IBANs, or other international routing codes. As a result, it is not possible to receive direct foreign payments into your account at these institutions.

However, there is a solution to circumvent this obstacle. You can leverage the services of an intermediary bank that has access to the SWIFT network.

To initiate this process, you will require the ABA routing number of your Middlesex Bank, which is 211371227. This routing number is essential for executing the necessary steps involved in utilizing an intermediary bank for international transactions.

What Is A Routing Number? 

The routing number, also referred to as the ABA routing number (short for the American Bankers Association), is a nine-digit code utilized by banks to identify specific financial institutions in the United States.

Routing numbers come into play in various situations, with some common examples being ordering additional checks, making consumer bill payments, setting up direct deposits (such as for paychecks), or fulfilling tax obligations.

In each of these instances, having the correct routing number is crucial for the smooth and accurate processing of transactions.

How To Find Middlesex Savings Bank Routing Number? How To Find Account Number Middlesex Savings Bank?

There are several methods available to help you locate your Middlesex Bank Routing Number. The following are some useful hints on where and how to find this essential number:

1. How To Find Your Middlesex Bank Routing Number Online?

There are two convenient methods to view your Middlesex Bank routing number online:

Middlesex Bank Routing Number
  1. On the website: Visit Middlesex Bank’s Home Page and scroll down to the bottom (right above the footer), you will find your routing number displayed on the left (as shown in the image above).
  2. Through online banking: Sign in to your Middlesex Bank account (personal or business). Once you are logged in to the account, you will be able to find your routing number and other details including your account number.

2. Where To Find Middlesex Bank Routing Number On A Check? 

Alternatively, you can easily find your Middlesex Bank routing number on your check. Simply look for the nine-digit number printed in the lower-left corner of the paper.

It is typically located adjacent to symbols such as “:” or “|”. This nine-digit code represents your Middlesex savings bank routing number.

Additionally, at the bottom of your checks, you will notice a second set of numbers (next to your RN). These numbers, usually consisting of 10 to 12 digits, represent your unique Middlesex Savings Bank account number.

By identifying these numbers, you can ensure accurate and efficient processing of your banking transactions.

3. How to find the routing number on the Middlesex Bank app?

You can as well find your routing number on the Middlesex Bank App. To access your Middlesex Bank routing number through the bank’s mobile app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the bank app from either the Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS).
  2. Launch the app and navigate to the Middlesex Savings Bank Login page.
  3. Enter your login details to securely log in to your account.
  4. Once logged in, locate and select the “Account Details” option.
  5. On the next page or in a dropdown menu, you will find a preview of your account number along with your routing number.

By following these steps and using the Middlesex Bank mobile app, you can conveniently access your routing number, ensuring a smooth banking experience right from the palm of your hand.

Middlesex Bank Phone Number & Email

The Middlesex Savings Bank phone number to reach out to customer support is 1-877-463-6287

Middlesex Savings Bank [Website URL]https://www.middlesexbank.com/
Middlesex Savings Bank Customer Service Number1-877-463-6287
Middlesex Savings Bank AddressPO Box 5210 Westborough, MA 01581-5210
Middlesex Bank Email[email protected]
Middlesex Bank Social Media HandlesFacebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

Use the above info to voice any complaints or seek clarifications regarding your account or any other banking-related matters.

The customer service hotline is available 24/7 from Monday to Friday, ensuring that assistance is accessible whenever you need it.

Middlesex Savings Bank Locations

Looking to open a checking or a savings account, get a credit card, apply for mortgages and other loans, and much more — use this locator to find Middlesex Savings Bank near you!

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