Routing Numbers for Wells Fargo [List By State 2023]

Wells Fargo is a US-based transnational bank with several local branches, hence it has several routing numbers, unlike smaller banks which might only have one or two. Therefore locating the correct routing numbers for Wells Fargo transactions may seem a bit tricky for you.

To make your life simpler, I’ve compiled a list of Wells Fargo routing numbers for all kinds of transactions – ACH payments, domestic and international wire transfers, and deposits.

Just make sure to double-check the required routing number before making any payments, whether domestic or worldwide!

Routing Numbers for Wells Fargo By State 

Routing Numbers for Wells Fargo By State
Wells Fargo Bank

The routing numbers for Wells Fargo by State are shown in the table below; 

State/TerritoryRouting Number
Alaska 125200057
Arkansas 111900659
Connecticut 021101108
District of Columbia054001220
Florida 063107513
Idaho 124103799
Illinois 071101307
Iowa 073000228
Kentucky 121042882
Louisiana 121042882 
Louisiana 121042882
Maryland 055003201 
Massachusetts 121042882
Michigan 091101455 
Montana 092905278
Nebraska 104000058
Nevada 321270742
New Hampshire 121042882
New Jersey 021200025
New Mexico 107002192
New York 026012881
North Carolina 053000219
North Dakota091300010
North Mariana Islands 121042882
Ohio 041215537
Oklahoma 121042882
Oregon 123006800
Puerto Rica 121042882
Rhode Island 121042882 
South Carolina 053207766 
South Dakota 091400046
Tennessee 064003768
Texas 111900659
Utah 124002971
Virgin Islands 121042882
Washington 125008547
List of Routing numbers for Wells Fargo by State

Other Wells Fargo Routing Numbers 

There are other Wells Fargo routing numbers aside from the routing number by state used for saving, current, and money market accounts.

Below are routing numbers for the Wells Fargo command asset program and EasyPay card

Wells Fargo EasyPay card routing number is 031302777.

IRA customers do not use the routing number. For direct deposit, IRA customers can visit the Wells Fargo Website

The Wells Fargo routing number for the command asset program is 102307164. 

Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number

Wells Fargo routing numbers are usually codes of 9 digits used in processing checks, making payments, setting up auto payments, and money transfers.

The Wells Fargo routing number is not the same in every state, however, only a few states in the United States share the same number. 

There are other types of Wells Fargo routing numbers. However, the routing number you need depends on the account type or transaction you need the information for.

The account types available on Wells Fargo are checking and savings accounts, money market account, command asset program, prepaid cards, IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts), and line of credit. 

Checking accounts, saving accounts, and money markets accounts share the same routing number by state, while in line of credit. The routing number is usually assigned based on either the first 3 numbers of your Wells Fargo account number or the state where you registered for your bank account number. 

However, the Wells Fargo EasyPay card, and command asset program have different routing numbers. 

Wells Fargo Wire Routing Number

What is the routing number for Wells Fargo wire transfers? The Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Routing Number for transactions within the United States is 1210000248.

What is Wells Fargo routing number for international wire transfers? To receive a wire transfer outside of the United States, you will need the Wells Fargo Swift code – WFBIUS6S

Wells Fargo Line of Credit Routing Numbers 

The Wells Fargo line of credit routing numbers is sorted by the first 3 digits of your account number.

There are about 26 routing numbers in the Wells Fargo line of credit. Hence, you need to know the first 3 digits of your account to ensure you pick the right routing number.  

 These line of credit routing numbers are shown below; 

Line Of CreditRouting Numbers 
650, 651, or 654122042882
661, 662, or 663321270742
742, 743122101191
748, 768122101191

Wells Fargo ACH Transfer Routing Number 

The Wells Fargo ACH transfer routing number is 121000248. ACH is used to carry out electronic transfers of funds between U.S. bank accounts.

This ACH number (Automatic Clearing House) is used when carrying out a bank transfer or engaging in a mobile app money transfer. 

Apps such as Zelle and CashApp request the ACH transfer routing number for validation of banks involved in the transactions. However, each bank in the United States holds its exclusive ACH routing number. 

Wells Fargo SWIFT Code for International Wire Transfer 

The Wells Fargo Swift code which is made up of letters and a number is used instead of the regular 9 digits routing number during international wire transfers.

The Swift/BIC Code for Wells Fargo Bank is WFBIUS6SXXX. Each Wells Fargo Bank branch has a unique SWIFT code.

The following details can be obtained from Wells Fargo swift code

  • The Bank’s name 
  • Country code 
  • The Main Headquarters 
  • The Particular branch 

What is a Routing Number? 

A routing number is a 9-digit code used to distinguish a large number of banks in the United States and their branches.

This code which is however made up of 9 digits is often referred to as a routing number or ABA routing number (ABA RTN). 

Due to its exclusiveness to a particular bank, a routing number helps to guarantee that payment or wired payments within or outside the United States are properly placed. 

Which Wells Fargo Routing Number Do I Need? 

The Wells Fargo routing number you need will depend on the nature of your transaction. You will need to be sure if your transaction is either a domestic or international transfer.

Once you have clarified, you can choose from the list of routing numbers in the table below; 

Transaction purposeRouting number (type)Wells Fargo Routing Number
Payments and debit within the United StatesACH routing number121000248
Wire payments within the United StatesDomestic wire transfer number121000248 
Wire payments to an international accountSWIFT codeWFBIUS6SXXX

How Do I Find My Wells Fargo Routing Number? 

There are several ways to find your Wells Fargo routing number. The easiest is to sign in to your online account and view the routing and account numbers from your customer dashboard.

You can find your Wells Fargo routing number by doing any of the following; 

1. Contact Wells Fargo Customer Service

Wells Fargo has a customer service line that is always functional. You can reach out to a customer service agent at 1-800-869-3557.

If you are outside the United States, Wells Fargo has also provided a toll-free line for you.

Thus, you can reach out to the Wells Fargo customer service desk in other countries. But first, you need to check to be sure that your country is listed on Wells Fargo International Access Codes.

For example, you can reach out to the following numbers In Mexico:

  • Personal account: 001-800-8693557
  • Business account: 001-800-2255935
  • Online customer service: 001-800-9564442

On the other hand, if your country is not listed in the international access code, you can call 775-335-1115 for further inquiry. 

2. Use Your Check

Do you have a checkbook for your Wells Fargo bank? If yes, locating the Wells Fargo routing number and account number on your check is a lot easier!

Your routing number is the first set of numbers amongst the three sets of numbers located at the bottom of the check, and it is made up of 9 digits. 

How to find routing number on a check
Wells Fargo Routing Number On a Check

As shown in the image above the set of 9-digit make your routing number or ABA Number, followed by your bank account number, and the check number.

3. Search Fedwire

You can also search Fedwire by visiting the Federal Reserve website directory to locate your Wells Fargo routing number and cross-check for accuracy.

4. Wells Fargo App

If you have the Wells Fargo app, you don’t need to bother about your routing number, because it is only a click away.

If you ask, how do I check my routing number on the Wells Fargo app? To locate your routing number on the Wells Fargo app, follow these steps; 

  • Log into your Wells Fargo app 
  • Select the type of your account – checking or savings. 
  • Click on the four digits (the last four digits of your account number) that appear at the top of the screen 
  • You will be directed to a new page where you will find your Wells Fargo routing number and Wells Fargo account number 

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers: FAQs 

1. Does Wells Fargo have the same routing number? 

No, Wells Fargo routing numbers differ from one another and therefore do not have the same routing number.

A routing number differs by account type, location, or state in which your account was opened, and lastly, by the type of transaction, you plan to carry out.

2. How Many Digits are Wells Fargo Routing Numbers? 

Wells Fargo routing numbers are made up of 9 digits which are uniquely generated. The 9 digits of Wells Fargo routing numbers are generated based location of your account number or can also be determined by the first 3 digits of your Wells Fargo account number.

3. Did Wells Fargo’s Routing Number Change? 

No, Wells Fargo has not changed their routing number. You might have to double-check the routing number depending on the kind of transaction you are performing. 

4. What Does the Wells Fargo Routing Number start with? 

There are no uniform starting numbers for all Wells Fargo routing numbers. For instance, a routing number varies depending on the branch area. Only a few states have a routing number that starts alike. 

For example, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, and some limited others share the same starting digits, 12104. Also, there are other states with similar starting routing numbers such as 09, 07, 11, and 10. 

On the other hand, the wire routing transaction number for domestic wire transfers starts with 121. 

5. What Bank has the Routing Number 121042882?

Wells Fargo bank has the routing number 121042882 for wire transactions within the United States.

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