75 Positive I AM Affirmations for Prosperity

The evidence supporting the credibility and power of “I am” affirmations is growing. I am affirmations significantly impact your conscious and subconscious mind.

A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University found that self-affirmation will lower your stress and increase your performance by 50%. 

The researchers found that saying positive things to yourself can enhance your immune system, boost your creativity, and improve your problem-solving ability.

Use “I am” affirmations to surround yourself with a positive aura and attract great wealth and abundance.

Positive affirmations keep you going and calm in challenging situations. If you repeat them every time before facing your fears, you can break self-imposed limitations and overcome enormous challenges.

I AM Affirmations for Wealth and Abundance

Money makes the world go round. We could not do much to ourselves or others if we had no money. You need the right mindset and character to attract money and wealth.

Here are 75 positive I AM affirmations to replace an unsuccessful aura with an abundance mindset.

  1. I am a leader
  2. I am prosperous
  3. I am rich and famous
  4. I am always successful in every task I do
  5. I am attracting wealth and power in my life every day
  6. I am experienced in my specialization
  7. I am constantly improving my worth and value
  8. I am a precious person
  9. I am able to acquire a financial breakthrough
  10. I am confident socially, and I like networking
  11. I am enjoying my new job
  12. I am determined to make a difference
  13. I am the best fit for this opportunity
  14. I am living my dream
  15. I am pursuing my dream
  16. I am not running out of money anytime soon
  17. I am influential
  18. I am powerful
  19. I am the best at solving problems
  20. I am the best decision-maker
  21. I am worthy, able, and deserving of a win
  22. I am fully accountable for my actions and speech
  23. I am very reliable
  24. I am always keen on instructions
  25. I am cultivating an abundance mindset
  26. I am open to receiving good things
  27. I am a magnet for good health and happiness
  28. I am full of positive energy
  29. I am taking good care of myself
  30. I am helpful in times of crisis
  31. I am resistant to negative energy
  32. I am filled with love and kindness
  33. I am aware there is enough for everyone
  34. I am the light in the darkness
  35. I am going to overcome this
  36. I am a happy person
  37. I am doing the things I love
  38. I am a flourishing businessperson
  39. I am calm and peaceful
  40. I am sending out only positive energy
  41. I am a cheerful giver
  42. I am strong and resilient
  43. I am responsible for how I feel
  44. I am continually cultivating and strengthening my relationships
  45. I am living in the best days ever
  46. I am a winner
  47. I am a brilliant enterpreneur
  48. I am smart and successful
  49. I am an intelligent human being
  50. I am so happy to have a loving family
  51. I am friendly and agreeable
  52. I am polite and humble
  53. I am the captain of my life
  54. I am attractive
  55. I am handsome and charming
  56. I am courageous
  57. I am always lucky
  58. I am fun to talk to
  59. I am fun to work with
  60. I am proud of the far I have come
  61. I am happy I reached my target
  62. I am changing for the better
  63. I am thankful for the money-making opportunities that follow me
  64. I am one in a lifetime
  65. I am loved
  66. I am loveable
  67. I am filled with love
  68. I am patient
  69. I am trustworthy
  70. I am ready for a new relationship
  71. I am a living testimony
  72. I am fun to be around
  73. I am grateful for everyone who’s been on my path
  74. I am getting more than I need
  75. I am free of fear
I am affirmations

Do Affirmations Work (for real)?

Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.

Napoleon Hill 

Painful memories influence our reactions to present and future situations. Things like fear, self-doubt, and self-sabotage can cause adverse outcomes in various areas of your life. However, positive affirmations can ease your worries and hopefully improve your life. 

Affirmations prove the saying that “whatever you believe, you can achieve.” The secret to positive self-affirmation is repetition.

According to neuroscientists, our subconscious minds cannot distinguish the real from the imagined phenomena. 

Repetition makes your subconscious believe the affirmations as the truth about your life. In that case, you will effortlessly act according to those beliefs and turn your life around. Thus “I am” affirmations are critical for your mental health and happiness.

Repeating “I am” affirmations activates your brain’s neural pathways for happiness and positivity. You are more likely to stay calm when faced with a challenging situation.

The morning is the best time to speak positive values into your system. The second best time is when you are about to face a stressful situation. But most importantly, aim for at least ten repetitions just before bed. 

In that case, the neural pathways in your ventromedial prefrontal cortex will increase significantly. It is the part of the brain which processes your self-related information and is triggered if you are valued positively. Your sense of self-worth will increase and raise your performance.

When saying what you want to manifest in your life, you must have a firm conviction for the results. In other words, believe even if you want to doubt. Believe that you are the best and you will indeed become the best. 

However, “I am” affirmations do not rule out the principles of working hard and working smart. It does not mean that when you are severely ill, for example, you should not see a doctor. You should integrate self-affirmations into your life in a healthy way.

Start practicing when you wake up in the morning and at night when you go to bed until it becomes a habit. You don’t have to worry about whether positive affirmations are valid.

If your subconscious has registered these positive affirmations, you will act appropriately and effortlessly. 

What are the Scientifically-proven Benefits of ‘I AM’ Affirmations?

Negative self-talk like “I am not good enough,” or “I am lazy” is very destructive.

They fill your mind and make your reality uninteresting. But you can fix your mindset by re-affirming positive scientifically-proven values.

Here are some proven benefits of self-affirmations:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and defensiveness
  • Academic success
  • Increased openness to positive behavior change, e.g., nutrition and exercise
  • Boosts your confidence and self-esteem
  • Motivation to achieve your goals and dreams
  • Rebuilds and restores self-competence
  • Expands your self worth
  • Replaces a negative thinking pattern with a positive mindset
  • Increases your ability to make decisions
  • It gives you a rewarding social and professional life
  • Motivation to face new challenges
  • Access new beliefs

Pros and Cons of Affirmations

Although affirmations are powerful, you may occasionally experience some challenges. But generally, the pros outweigh the cons.

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of affirmations:

Affirmations instill positive thoughts in your mindNegative affirmations can easily cloud your mind
Increased clarity of your goals, visions, and successThe consistency can be overwhelming
Affirmations will give you a personality of peace, wisdom, and powerAffirmations can give you a false sense of entitlement 
“I am” affirmations will expand your self worthAffirmations can give you a lousy self-perception
It gives you the motivation to face new challengesYou must take massive action in the earlier stages of affirmations

How long does it take for “I am” affirmations to manifest in my life?

You may be wondering how long you need to keep repeating the affirmations before noticing results.

If you practice positive affirmations two or three times a day, clinical psychologists estimate it will take between 24 and 30 days to see a lasting change

However, to make it a habit, practice self-affirmations consistently for about 66 days.

As your brain adjusts to your new belief systems, you will register significant changes in how you talk, act, and relate to people. If you were previously disturbed with negative thoughts, you would also realize within that time that you are becoming more positive. 

However, note that “I am” affirmations are not a quick fix to problems. Despite the proven benefits of positive self-talk, patience is vital. Over time, problem-solving and decision-making become much easier, and conversations with you become more fun and interesting. 

The above list of “I am” affirmations is not conclusive. You can also construct your own effective positive affirmations using some key ingredients. For instance, start your affirmations with “I am.” These words are compelling, and they ignite the neural pathways in your ventromedial prefrontal cortex instantly.

If you start your affirmations with “I am,” that part of the brain rewards you with a sense of happiness and fulfillment. You become energized and committed to working on your goals and not stopping until they reach fruition. 

Additionally, use the present tense to create an effective affirmation. Also, keep it simple and positive. For example, do not say, “I am not a loser.” Although that is simple and is in the present tense, it has a negative connotation. 

Instead, say, “I am a winner.” In other words, do not construct positive affirmations based on the things you don’t want but rather on the things most important to you.

Here is a summary to turn “I am” affirmations into reality:

  1. Spend about three minutes twice a day (every morning and immediately before a night’s sleep) to say positive affirmations
  2. Repeat your preferred affirmation ten times before moving to the next one. Take deep breaths between each affirmation.
  3. Practice consistently for over 66 days to make it a habit
  4. Be patient because it takes time for the subconscious mind to align with your new beliefs.
  5. Monitor your mental, physical, and emotional well-being throughout the practice. Write down your affirmations if possible.
  6. Manifest your dreams

In conclusion

There is a lot of scientific evidence proving the validity of “I am” affirmations. Whether it is for your personal, professional, or social life, positive affirmations can change how you see things and how they happen to you.

“I am” affirmations work, and they can transform a mediocre life into a life of wealth and success.

Based on what is at stake (self-love, money, success, or healing), repeating these affirmations is crucial for staying motivated to achieve your goals. 

The new beliefs you acquire will determine your actions and reactions to events within and outside your control. You don’t have to worry about whether it is possible. 

If your subconscious has registered these positive affirmations, you will act appropriately and effortlessly. Start practicing when you wake up in the morning and the night before going to bed.