75 Money Affirmations That Work Fast!

There are numerous money affirmations that work fast! Probably not in the magical kind of way that we would envision but they work all the same.

Words are powerful, and when used effectively, they have started and stopped many great wars in history. Whatever you feed your mind with daily takes roots and grows.

That is why people who are fond of negative statements like “I attract money but within no time it is gone,” or “I don’t have a good relationship with money,” continue suffering the effect, and looking at the finances, you can see their words at work.

So what are money affirmations? Do they work? How do you use money affirmations correctly? What are money affirmations that work fast?

Read on for the answers you need as you start the journey of channeling positivity into your finances.

What is Money Affirmation?

An affirmation is an action agreeing with or affirming something. Therefore money affirmations are short positive statements that you say to affirm your belief in a good financial future or outcome.

Money Affirmations that Work Fast

Money Affirmations That Work Fast

Before telling you the money affirmations that work fast, remember that repetition is key.

It takes years to build the negative thoughts and habits that affect you; therefore, you will need to repeat the affirmations for a while to change your attitude and habits.

However, as you make saying positive affirmations a habit, check on your progress. You will realize that you are happier, most positive, and more contended.

Let’s now jump to the money affirmations that work fast.

  • I have what it takes to attract opportunities to create more money
  • I can always create the wealth I deserve
  • I can make as much money as I want
  • I have opportunities to make money in various ways
  • There is enough money for all of us
  • I have enough strength and the right mindset to make the wealth I deserve

While at it, make sure the words you use to speak to you align with your goals and dreams. Unless your affirmation makes you crave success and strengthen your belief in yourself, it won’t work.

Powerful Money Affirmations

Powerful money affirmations help you remain grateful for what you have while you strive to achieve whatever you desire in life. They also sweep your mind to get rid of small thoughts and any negative beliefs you may have built about yourself or money.

Try the powerful money affirmations that fit your financial goals or story in the list below:

  • I have confidence in money
  • My relationship with money gets better every day
  • Money gives me the confidence to gain control of my life
  • My positive attitude attracts money my way
  • I choose to feel wealthy today and every day
  • When I put value, I get more money
  • I am grateful for the money I have, and I am making more every day

Financial Affirmations

You can use financial affirmations to affirm that you can live within or below your means. This reinforces your self-belief and builds a desire to go the extra mile to achieve everything else you desire and deserve.

  • I have all it takes to gain financial freedom
  • I am financially empowered
  • The money I have is enough for lifestyle I dream of
  • I have enough money to afford everything I need and more
  • The universe supplies enough for everybody
  • I have everything it takes to achieve my dreams

Money Manifestation Affirmations

Unless you are ready to perceive and manifest money in your mind, you may not make enough. You should use manifestation affirmations to remind yourself what you have and how far you are going.

The author of Manifesting Your Dreams, Marla MacKenna speaking on Oprah Daily, insists that manifesting money is anchored on learning to acknowledge what you have and to be grateful for it.

The second step is to acknowledge all your dreams, no matter how big or small, and remind or reaffirm to ourselves that we have all it takes to achieve them.

By seeing where you are going in your mind, you get the strength to work hard for it. When you learn to manifest money through positive money affirmations, you will get the strength and confidence to try harder and keep pushing your limits.

Below are great examples of money manifestation affirmations.

  • Money energizes my life
  • Money is flowing into my life
  • Money is drawn to me as I move in the world
  • All I need to do is take hold of money because it is around me
  • I know more money is flowing my way

Your thoughts shape your life so learn to speak positively about yourself, your goals, and your plans. Regardless of your current hardships/struggles, see beyond the present and use affirmations to claim a successful tomorrow.

Wealth Affirmations

To have wealth, you must be able to make money and manage it well. That is why wealth affirmations help you change your mindset about making money and managing it.

  • I am suited to be a good manager of money
  • My bank account attracts money
  • My income is increasing every day
  • I am skilled and qualified to attain the wealth I deserve

Money Magnet Affirmations

A magnet attracts metal wherever it lands. Therefore money magnet affirmations focus on your ability and desire to create and attract money wherever you go and whatever you choose to do.

Here are a few examples, but remember you can always customize them to suit your condition and ensure that they speak directly about what you believe in.

  • Money always chooses me
  • I attract great wealth from all directions
  • I attract money in any business I decide to set up
  • I am open to receiving money all my life
  • My finances improve, and new doors open for me every day
  • I receive money in expected and unexpected ways

 Positive Affirmations to Attract Money

Why do we call them positive money affirmations?

  1. They contain a positive word that creates a positive feeling/thought
  2. They are in the present tense. No! don’t focus on the past or future; instead, you are speaking of today 
  3. There are no ifs or buts; they are simply stated as facts

“I am not sick” sounds positive, but “not” is a negative word.

When we switch it up to “I am healthy”, that is a positive affirmation that also talks of the present. A positive money affirmation may come out as too strong because it leaves no room for doubt or fear.

Here are some positive affirmations for the money you can include in your daily mantra:

  • Money comes to me
  • Money is a powerful tool that I will use to enrich my life and that of others.
  • I have more than I need
  • I have the money I need to live the kind of life I desire
  • I deserve to prosper
  • I am aligned with all that I need to make money

Positive affirmations create an image of all you are capable of achieving and repeatedly take your mind to where you desire to be. This gives you the drive you need to work hard to get there.

Law of Attraction Affirmations for Money

According to the law of attraction, your thoughts create your reality. In short, you are what you think and believe yourself to be.

Therefore, by following the law of attraction, we will change our monologue with ourselves. Instead of thinking about your losses, poor management skills, and poverty, we will affirm that money comes to us and manage it well to create more wealth.

In changing the direction of our thoughts, we can adapt new patterns and habits to support our new thoughts. It will be easier to go out in the world and gain money management skills so that you can perfect that area.

Abraham Hicks’s money affirmations are a good way of taking advantage of the law of attraction. Confess it and attract it.

Here are a few of his money affirmations you can incorporate into your daily habits:

  • Whatever I want can flow to me
  • I want it, and I expect it
  • It’s all right, and all is well, and I am getting there
  • I know it is my destiny to feel good
  • If I want it, I can attract it
  • The happier I am, the better things get
  • I am enjoying the journey because the destination is certain
  • I am the only one responsible for how I feel

I am rich’ Money Affirmations

Saying “I am rich” when you are struggling to make ends meet may sound ludicrous to many but according to Ben Carson, a retired surgeon and former Housing and Urban Development secretary, being poor is a state of mind.

So, as you affirm that you are rich, you are renouncing a scarcity mindset and gravitating towards abundance in your life.

Affirmations borrowed from the Canadian self-help author and lecturer, Bob Proctor, and other such great speakers can be a great start as they have you visualize your future once you achieve your goals.

Here are I am rich money affirmations you should try:

  • I am becoming richer and more prosperous every day
  • My mind creates money
  • I love money, and money also loves me
  • Money is good, and I love making money
  • I deserve to have money
  • I think and act like I am rich
  • I always have enough money
  • I will use my money to improve my life and that of those around me
  • I have the gifts and skills I need to make me rich
  • My life is filled with wealth beyond money
  • I will be healthy to enjoy my money 
  • I attract money, and I find new ways of making money every day

Money Affirmations for Defeating Negativity

When we focus on the negative things happening in our lives, we fill our minds with doubt and fear. However, money affirmations help us set our minds free and strengthen our beliefs and determination to succeed.

Negative situations will, of course, arise throughout your journey and we cannot be oblivious of this fact. Still, you can turn down the volume of negativity by using positive affirmations.

Here is an example of money affirmations you can use to defeat negativity;

  • I am a strong person who can conquer all obstacles
  •  I am filled with determination and strength to fulfill all my financial goals
  • I am much more than my failures
  • I have gained valuable lessons from all the obstacles I have faced

Here are ‘Louise Hay money affirmations‘ you can use whenever you meet negativity:

  • It is only a thought, and a thought can be changed
  • I let go of all fear and doubt, and life becomes simple and easy for me
  • I act as if I have all I want- it is an excellent way to attract happiness in my life
  • I am willing to see my magnificence
  • Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time
  • I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do

You can use many more money affirmations whenever doubt or negativity shows its ugly head in your mind. Remember that a positive affirmation does not have to be complicated. Just short and powerful enough to counter the negative thoughts you are experiencing.

What is the Science Behind Affirmations?

Affirmations are not just ordinary words! They are power-laden statements that help you challenge the negative beliefs and habits you have created that eat your happiness and hold you, prisoner.

Your brain processes what you see, what you touch, feel, etc. Achieving great success is no mean feat; at some point, you will be drained and feel like giving up. If you fail repeatedly, it will feel like your dreams are unachievable, thus demoralizing you. 

Affirmations work by firing up your neuropathways, thus activating feelings of happiness and positivity. By repeating affirmations several times in a day, you remind your brain why you started doing something and the results you will get. 

By activating feel-good and positivity in you, affirmations help you reduce stress levels and build up your energy for doing what you have to do.

Therefore, apart from helping you speak positively and believe in your ability to create, hold on to, and multiply wealth, powerful money affirmations will also lead to improved health.

You don’t take coffee once per week and expect to reap the benefits the whole week. So saying affirmations once per week is not good enough. You need to create a list of daily affirmations and repeat them several times per day.

Make sure that your affirmations are specific because you are feeding your brain with instructions.

Each affirmation should hold a single goal to make it simpler for your brain to process. And say it aloud while looking at yourself,  this is the best way to connect with yourself and allow the affirmation to sink in.

This may sound like self-help or motivational stuff, but that does not make it less effective!

Why Use Money Affirmations?

We said money affirmations work, but why should you use them? Because there are various benefits, you reap from making positive statements about your money and not reliving your past failures or misfortunes.

Here are a few benefits of using money affirmations:

1. Helps you stay Focused

Achieving the financial goals and level of success you have set for yourself is going to take time. Along the way, you will face various setbacks and obstacles. As things become tough, it is easy to lose focus and thus lose interest or change direction.

However, this will not happen when you make money affirmations part of your daily habits. Why? Because every new day, you will remind yourself why you started this journey. 

By reminding your brain of the money you will make and the life you deserve constantly, you will stay focused no matter how many times you fall.

2. Alters Your Subconscious Mind

What do you cite as your limitations or inabilities when it comes to money? All these negative money mantras sink into your subconscious mind and create a negative mindset about money-making and management.

When you start using money affirmations, you kick out the negativity and replace it with positivity. As a result, nothing will hold you back because your subconscious will be clean of any negativity and what-ifs.

3. Improves Your Emotional Health

As discussed below, affirmations activate your positivity and make you happier. Therefore you will experience less stress which, in return, you will be more healthy emotionally and mentally. 

By using affirmations you will have gratitude for the money you already have and be willing to work to make more.

Money affirmations make you stay positive long before you achieve the success you are yearning for. It’s not a secret that positive-minded people are happier and more contented than those dragging a bag of self-pity and negativity.

4. Re Energizes You

Challenges come when you are climbing the ladder of success, making money, and living the good life. A daily money affirmation is like an energy bar that makes you stronger and more energized with each bite. 

Even at your lowest points, you will have the energy to correct what you did wrong and keep pushing. You remind yourself that you deserve to make money and enjoy spending it.

Therefore money affirmations are not a magic trick to success. However, they give you a reason to wake up on time and keep putting in the effort and the work.

How to Correctly Use Money Affirmations to Transform Your Life?

Now you know all these powerful money affirmations, you are ready to start using them to transform your money. The next question is, how do you use money affirmations correctly to transform your life? 

If you repeat a money affirmation without attaching any power to it, it will remain just mere words. You should learn how to direct your money affirmation for maximum benefit.

  • Once you have made repeating affirmations part of your daily habits, add the number to between ten and fifteen affirmations.
  • Make sure you repeat each affirmation at least ten times.
  • Choose specific times to say the affirmations- Preferably immediately after waking up or before taking your meals. 
  • You can also repeat the affirmations before attending big meetings to uplift your morale.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself by using too many affirmations because a money affirmation is like a goal. So, if you repeat a hundred goals in a day, you may become overwhelmed and suffer from burnout.
  • Choose manifestation affirmations for money that align with your goals. They should work as motivation for you to keep pushing hard, but they should not burden you and make you feel like you have big dreams that may be hard to achieve.

How to Remember to Say Your Money Affirmations?

I can’t insist enough that powerful money affirmations work when they become a habit. The first few days or weeks after you start using money affirmations, you may forget several times to say them.

  • Set timers for when you need money affirmations and soon, it becomes a habit
  • Starting your day off with affirmations always works and kickstarts the process
  • You should also say them again during the day and make them the last thing before you retire to set in your mind for the following day
  • Use sticky notes as reminders in places that you frequent or use a lot, like your bathroom, dressing table, or office table. 

How Can You Use Money Affirmations?

There are various ways you can use money affirmations. You can use them to:

  • Remind yourself of how far you have come in order to celebrate the small victories.
  • Acknowledge the setbacks you have overcome, and the lessons you have learned- instead of seeing failure, you will see a minor setback and a chance to learn from your mistakes and stand up stronger.
  • Replace any negative beliefs you have been holding onto. Replacing negative thoughts and habits in your life will help you create a better mindset that will help you see something positive even at your lowest point.

Although money affirmations are not a get-rich-quick method, they are important because they help shape your habits. Your habits determine how you will approach life and the goals you will set.

Thus money affirmations help you set your goals, reaffirm them every day, and work to achieve them.

How Do You Write Affirmations for Money?

When writing affirmations for money:

  • Use powerful words that replace your negative thoughts.
  • Use the pronouns “my” and “I” because you affirm what you believe you will achieve.
  • Go for affirmations that are simple in wording yet powerful enough to change your negative mindset.
  • Ensure that though your goals may be challenging, they are also achievable, otherwise, you will end up disappointed and frustrated. You can break an enormous financial achievement into bite sized-goals to enable you to have small victories along the way.
  • Write short and direct affirmations. There is no storytelling in money affirmations. It is just direct statements/instructions you are sending to your brain for processing and course of action.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Affirmations for Real?

A big YES! Affirmations are for real, and once you try using them over your finances, your health, and your life in general, they gradually steer you in the direction you want to go.

The catch is you have to make saying affirmations a habit and combine them with the right course of action.

The more you tell yourself you deserve to have money, the more you will believe it and the harder you will work towards achieving it.

2. Can you Really Manifest Money?

Yes, you can manifest money and anything else you desire in this world.

Our thoughts become habits, and our habits shape us and the things we strive for in life. Positive money affirmations are like a shield that blocks off negative energy and thoughts.

3. How Many Times Do You Repeat an Affirmation?

Although there’s no set number of times to say affirmations, 5-10 times daily should do it.

Ideally, it should be enough times to embed them in your mind and make them a habit but not so many times that you feel burdened.

4. How Many Affirmations to Say each Day?

To start you off, you can begin with one or two affirmations and make sure you repeat each 5-10 times per day. With time you can add more money affirmations that align with your goals.

5. What is the Most Powerful Affirmation? 

The most powerful affirmations are the ones that are so specific to you and your goals that you own them completely.

They are also simple and short such that you can say them over and over again without mixing them up.

6. Can Affirmations Make you Rich?

Affirmations will make you feel confident about yourself, get rid of limiting beliefs, and also make you feel richer. However, it is the work and effort you put in that will help you achieve your goals. 

8. What Colors Attract Money?

The answers to this question can be as many as the colors of the rainbow and their variants. Further, each answer comes with its explanation.

For instance, some sources claim that red exudes energy and power that attracts wealth, while others associate red with fire that consumes and diminishes wealth.

Green, gold, yellow, orange, black, and purple also come up in the list so, in the end, it is all about what you believe to be true.


Money affirmations work!

Not like a magic pill, but through a gradual process that transforms your mindset from that of a negative thinker to a believer of great things.

Once this belief in self is triggered by repeatedly saying these affirmations, nothing can stand between you and financial success.

Notably, money affirmations don’t work on their own; they work in combination with the necessary action, the very reason why you should ensure that they are achievable.

Do you have some money affirmations that have worked for you? We are all ears! Put it all down in our comments section below.