How to Attract Money? [10 Valuable Tips!]

Who doesn’t want to know how to attract money? It is obvious that money has value and your life and mine would be better in one way or another if we could have more money, don’t you agree?

You’ve probably heard the popular saying, ‘like attracts like’.

The scientific part of it means that things with similar energy levels tend to attract each other. Of course, a part of this could relate to ancient secrets to attract wealth but that’s a story for another day.

Then there’s a part that means that things are attracted to an environment that is similar-this is what I am talking about.

Attracting money can be easy if you take the time to change your environment to be more ‘money-friendly’.

While it is perfectly realistic face to acknowledge your financial inadequacies, you will be surprised by how much more money you can attract with a change of attitude, mindset, or the way you do things.

There are numerous ways to attract money and this post expounds on 10 tips that you can start putting into use as early as now.

10 Ways On How to Attract Money [For Real]

How to attract money

1. How to Attract Wealth and Good Fortune: Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

There’s power in belief! And some of the greatest minds in history, the likes of Walt Disney and Eleanor Roosevelt, concur.

Why? Belief influences our thoughts which in turn inform our actions. One reason why people don’t attract money is that they have limiting beliefs about it.

Common limiting beliefs about money include the belief that there’s not enough money for everyone, money is evil, and that only some people are meant to be wealthy.

With such kind of beliefs, can you really be on the lookout for ways how to attract wealth? I doubt it.

What if you start having positive and uplifting beliefs about money and what it represents? You might even start seeing opportunities that you couldn’t see before.

These money affirmations are a good place to start.

2. How to Attract Money Using Mind Power: Cultivate the Mindset of the Millionaire

In his book, The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Ecker elaborates on how he was inspired to get rid of a negative and counterproductive mindset and in its place, adopt the mindset of Rich people. The approach led him to open 10 retail fitness shops within two and a half years.

Rich people believe that they can have anything they want in life. They believe that if they set their mind to something and pursue it with passion, they will be able to achieve it. He is a better person to learn from than the one who has been there and done it?

Luckily, thanks to technology, you can have access to inspirational resources, paid for or free, about the richest people in the world. And like Harv, you can borrow a thing or two from their lifestyles and mindsets, including the natural way to attract money.

3. How to Attract Money Spiritually: Visualize and Meditate on What You Want

Visualization and meditation are key aspects of diverse spiritual practices. However, it is worth noting that the two aren’t linked to any particular religion or faith and can therefore be practiced by anybody.

While visualization triggers your subconscious mind to be creative and encourages it to see solutions. Meditation helps you to face your subconscious thoughts and beliefs at a level that you can change them and also fights off anxiety and depression.

Used together, visualization and meditation can be very powerful tools for creating an environment that helps you attract money. 

Visualize yourself surrounded by wealth and abundance and living the kind of life that you want if need be print pictures or put them down on paper to keep seeing it and reminding yourself. Then, use meditation to become aware and get rid of negative thoughts and emotions that hinder you from taking action.

Notably, visualization and meditation will only work if they are followed with action!

4. How to Attract Unexpected Money: Set Goals and Take Action

Have you been doing the same thing and expecting different results? Maybe it is time to change this.

One of the best strategies on how to attract wealth is to set financial goals and take action towards achieving them.

What is your goal? To attract money, of course! Unfortunately, this is too general. You need to break this down into specific, measurable, achievable, and time-bound goals.

Want to increase your monthly earnings by $1000? That’s a specific and measurable goal. Do you know that it is possible to do it within the next three months? It is also achievable and timebound. This is what I am talking about!

Next, you need to identify what you can do to achieve this goal, hit the road running, and voila!

Setting goals and taking action toward achieving them can mean asking for a raise, starting a business, finding a side hustle, or working extra hours.

This will help you attract money into your life faster than if you just sat around waiting for things to happen.

While at it, ensure that you celebrate bite-sized victories- they keep you psyched even as you focus on long-term achievement.

5. How to Attract Money Now: Live Below Your Means

One of the quickest ways on how to attract money instantly is to start living below your means.

This may require you to get rid of your spending impulses and to only spend money on things that are essential in life, like food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and transportation- at least until you are able to afford more without breaking the bank.

Other tips that can help live below your means include reducing reliance on credit cards, adopting a saving culture, and taking advantage of the lowest deals and prices.

The less you want or need; the more money you will attract towards your financial goals.

6. How to Attract Good Luck and Wealth: Spend Money to Make Money

Remember the saying I used earlier about like attracting like? More often than not, attracting money requires you to spend some.

  • Do you want to manage your money better? Take a course or buy resources that can help you.
  • Want to start a business? Come up with a strategy and find some capital.
  • Want to rent out the extra space in your house? Invest in deep cleaning and redecorating it.
  • Or is it items that you want to flip? Prepare to pay out of pocket and do some fixing before selling…

The list is endless but I am convinced that the point is home. You don’t always have to spend money to make money but where such a move counts, especially in the long run, it is totally worth it.

7. How to Attract Money at Home: Start Budgeting and Tracking Expenditures

How can you expect to attract more money if you have no idea where the money you have goes each month?

Budgeting and tracking your expenses come with many benefits. You gain back control of your expenditure, keep your spending in check, cut back on impulse buying, and spot possible money leaks.

From there, you can make wiser spending decisions, take care of your debts, and even start saving. How’s that for attracting money that you didn’t even know you had?

8. How to Attract Money Immediately: Break Bad Money Habits

If you have no savings and are buried in debt, or simply put, spending more than you are making, then you have some bad spending habits hindering your financial progress.

Like with bad eating habits, you can replace bad money habits with good ones. For example, if you tend to spend everything that is left over at the end of your pay period, you can start saving it instead. 

You could also cook a nice healthy meal at home today and avoid using your credit card in the high-end restaurant you are used to frequenting. Now, this is how to attract money instantly.

Every time you break a spending habit, you are attracting extra money that you can invest, save, or inject into your financial goals.

Check out this video on how to break bad spending habits.

9. How to Attract Money Using your Environment: Surround yourself with Positive Energy

It is not enough to dispel limiting beliefs and negative thoughts if you spend your time in a toxic environment. Such an environment can comprise negative people, people who look down on you, or even media that demonizes money or people with money.

It can put a damper on the efforts you make to attract money. Instead, make a conscious decision to walk away from people and situations that feel toxic and surround yourself with positive people, people that have accomplished financial goals similar to what you desire to achieve, and media that inspire you to take a leap of faith.

10. How to Attract Money Mantra: Be Grateful for What you Already Have

Mantras are statements or phrases that are repeated, usually when someone is praying or meditating but also as an expression of someone’s belief.

Mantras of gratitude bring instant joy, relaxation, and hope. Try repeating the mantra below several times:

” I am grateful for the money I have now and more that is on its way”

Is it just me or do you feel like you are gravitating to the happier and hopeful side?

Now, reciting a money-related mantra might not make money to magically appear, but it helps create an atmosphere that propels you to make positive changes toward achieving your goals.

Take Away

Money doesn’t just come to people; it’s something that you purpose to have and put in the work to realize this. Attracting money comes with challenges, hard choices, sacrifices, and transformations that don’t seem so appealing.

In the end, though, the investment is worth it. There could be so many other ways to attract money but as long as you combine everything you learn with the right cause of action, the tips above give you a good place to start.

What other strategies have you used to attract money and succeeded? We are eager to hear all about it in the comments section below.