Find a Nail Salon Near Me [Cheap & Best]

Are you looking for a nail salon near me locator? You couldn’t be in a better place!

Everyone needs the services of a nail salon once in a while, but we do not always have the means to locate the best one unless you have patronized them first.

Lucky for us, finding the best nail salon closest to you has been made quick and easy with the advancements in technology.

Nail salons are a dime a dozen these days but without help, you might just get lost in the maze. We’ve streamlined the search process, and can help you find the best local nail salon that caters to all of your nail needs.

From gel nails and acrylics to pedicures and manicures, you’ll have it all, here’s how…

Nail Salon Near Me

Nail Salon Near Me

Use our search locator below, to get to access all the nail salons nearby. Have your location turned on, it will automatically pull the results for your search term nail salons near me in Google maps.

What You Get At A Nail Salon

Nail salons offer a range of services, some of these services are not restricted to nail care. They extend to general body care as well.

Here is a rundown of the core services provided by a nail salon.

Service TypeDescriptionAverage Prices
Manicure ServicesManicure services focus on fingernails. It majorly includes clipping and shaping the nails and the skin around them.Nails cost about $10-40.
Pedicure ServicesPedicure is caring for the feet and toenails. Pedicure cost does not normally exceed $60.
Mani-pediA mani-pedi is simply the combo of both a manicure and a pedicure.$100 or less for a mani-pedi.
Nail accessoriesNail salons also sell all kinds of accessories for your nails. They also offer consultation services to customers.The prices of these accessories vary.
Skincare ServicesSkin care services include waxing, masking, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and blue light therapy at a nail salon. Your final charge would be based on the services you underwent. 
Nail extensions and overlaysA nail extension refers to the length increment of your nails. Gels or acrylic nails can be created on your natural nails so that they appear longer.  An extension will typically cost you about $25.
Eyebrow tintingThin brows can be tinted and made to look fuller with a semi-permanent dye that can last for about 4-6 weeks.Set a budget of $10-50 for eyebrow tinting.
MicrobladingMicroblading is similar to eyebrow tinting, they both serve the same purpose, but, microblading is more intense, it’s almost like a tattoo and it can be permanent.Microblading will cost you almost $1000. The average charge is $600.
Eyelash extensionEyelash extensions are done by adding fibers to your natural lashes for a longer and fuller.Up to $80 for lash refills and starting from $80 and above for extensions.
Massagessalons offer spa services as well. Some salons now have a massage section with trained masseuses that would help your body to ease outEach hour costs about $50-$150.
nail partiesYou could organize a nail party with your friends in celebration of a special event such as your birthday, or simply as a fun way of relaxing with your friends. During the party, you get your nails done, your body hair waxed, get massages, etc.The charge depends on the number of people present, and the number of products and services used.

Tips on How to Find a Nail Salon Near Me

If you’re new in town, or you just cannot locate any salon closeby, here’s how to navigate your way and pick the best one:

1. Use Google search

Do ogle search to find nail salons near me
Google search ‘nail salons near me’

Google always has the answer. Simply go online and look up ‘nail salons near me‘. Ensure that your phone location is turned on so Google would know your geographic placement and bring up salons within your vicinity. 

Often, the search will lead you to the Google My Business page of the close-by salons. They contain all the info you need about these salons, including their contact, website, address, reviews, and ratings.

2. Ask for a recommendation

If you’re new in town, ask a neighbor or a friend where everyone else has their manicure and pedicure done. 

Some towns have a general nail salon that offers the best service in town, and the only way to find it is if a neighbor recommends them to you. 

If they’re friendly enough, you could tag along with them on their next visit to the salon.

3. Search on Yellow Pages

Search on Yellow Pages to find nail salon near me
Search for nail salons on yellow pages

Yellow Pages is a popular online directory that lets you find and connect with local services. It could come in very handy if you’re looking for a nail tech nearby. You would find ads and contact info for several services. 

Simply pick a salon that best fits your criteria. Furthermore, a majority of these salons have licensed technicians, so there’s no need to worry about professionalism.

4. Search on Yelp

Nail salons that want to increase their online visibility will list their business on Yelp. The platform is also another place to find reviews left by other people about the nail salons available in your locality.

Nail Salon Near Me
Search for nails salons on Yelp

Like the other platforms, you can narrow your search by searching for ‘nail salons’ on the search bar and inputting your location.

5. Search on Bing

Bing belongs to the Microsoft Corporation so the platform also goes by the name Microsoft Bing. On Bing, you can fine-tune your nail salon searches down to the specific service, costs, open hours, etc.

Nail salons on Bing
Search for ‘nail salons near me’ on Bing Places

6. Use our Zip Code Locator

There’s no need to undergo all of these procedures, simply use our locator button below and we’ll set up a listing for the near salons near you.

What to Look Out For When Choosing A Nail Salon?

How to Choose a Nail Salon Near You
Criteria to Choose a Nail Salon Near You

There are numerous salons out there, but sadly, a few of them do not beat the mark for professionalism. If you’re going to pick your long-term go-to nail salon, you would first need to assess them on an overall scale. 

This would require a bit of research and effort on your part, but if it’s all for your safety and excellent services, then it’s worth it. Ensure they are up to standard before you fill out the customer form(if they have any). 

Here are a few factors you can use to judge a nail salon’s excellence: 

1. Check for Customer Reviews & Ratings

Check for Customer Reviews at Nail Salons

Nail salons ask their local customers to leave reviews on their business websites, Google my business pages, or yellow pages to enhance their reach and gain more customers. So, once you find a nearby nail salon based on the above recommendations, make sure to check for reviews & ratings from their past clients. 

2. Visit Their Business Website

A business website gives you great insight into almost everything you need to know about the salon. You can find out the salon’s regular business hours, open hours, payment methods, and contact numbers easily. You can even contact them to enquire about their services, make an appointment, or ask any questions that you may have before committing.

Some businesses also include a map & directions to their physical address on their site.

3. Look for General Hygiene

Cleanliness should be a major consideration when you assess the salon. Ascertain if they sanitize their working tools after attending to each customer. 

Even if you’re bringing your own kit to the salon, you could still contract fungal and bacterial infections if the salon is rarely sanitized. Be confident enough to ask questions, the nail techs are obliged to indulge you. If they don’t, nothing stops you from heading out to the next salon. Your health and safety are paramount.

4. Price Tags

Inquire about the cost of each service you would get. See if they fit into your budget in the long run. Also, inquire about other perks such as discounts for continuous patrons or registered customers, packages for a combination of services, and discounts for referring their services. You can explore several options till you find one that fits your financial capacity.

5. Service Quality

The quality of the products they use and their facilities are great determinants of the kind of quality to expect.

Do they fit your taste? Are you satisfied with the brands they use? If you are not familiar with the brands, don’t hesitate to ask questions and even do your own research to ascertain their safety in relation to your health and any allergies you might have.

6. Expertise

Assess the expertise of the nail techs. How good are they? Their years in business can give you a good idea of how long they have been doing it. You definitely do not want amateurs to give you nail polish or attempt to microblade you- that never ends well.

There’s nothing wrong with inquiring about their qualifications, experience, licenses, and certifications where such apply. Simply put, ensure that the nail techs are professionals and can offer you high-quality service.

7. Available service options

Ask for a list of services offered in the salon.

Do they offer other services that you might need? If for example, you are looking to have your nails done, finding out that the salon also offers facials or eyelashes extension makes it convenient to have everything done in one place.

If you’re okay with the list, you can go ahead and sign up.

The video talks about what to ask for at a nail salon.

8. Customer service

Customer service is another important factor to consider. You definitely do not want to fall into the hands of rude or snorty salon attendants. A great way to gauge the quality of a salon’s customer service is to annalize how they treat you long before you sign up to be a customer.

If you are already past this stage, you can check out how they handle your questions, concerns, and complaints. Taking you back to reviews and ratings, what previous or existing customers say about their treatment matters and can give you an idea of what to expect.

9. License

If you’re not in Alaska, Nebraska, Connecticut, or Utah, then you should ask the nail techs for their licenses. Those in the aforementioned states do not have licenses. The licenses would assure you that they are certified to practice the craft. You might want to trust licensed techs with your nails.

Cheap Nail Salon Near Me

Your budget is a major determinant of which salon you should patronize. Some salons may offer discounts to you if you’re a loyal customer.

NOTE: Some nail salons offer discounts during holidays, special events, anniversaries, and festive periods and market them as cheap services for wider reach. Make use of these offers to get the most out of the deal by doing a quick Google search for the term ‘Cheap Nail Salons Near Me‘.

If you’re skeptical, we have done the heavy lifting for you. Simply input your zip code below to find cheap nail salons available in your locality.

Nail Salons That Can Come To Me

Everyone feels lazy at some point. Sometimes, you just want to avoid the chit-chat that is synonymous with salons. But not to worry, there are nail salons that are mobile and will offer home service to you. They would literally bring the salon to you, regardless of what service you’re demanding. 

NOTE: Home service generally costs more because they include transportation costs.

Nail Salons That You Can Walk To

Our zip code locator will help you find salons within a walkable distance. This way, you do not get to spend extra fees on transportation. 

This would even be a good opportunity to stretch out your limbs and burn a few calories whether you are going to get a massage or not.

Prices of Nail Salon Near Me

All salons listed will showcase the price listings of services that they offer, this would enable you to settle on the best choice. Some salons are more high-cost than others. These deluxe salons offer more exquisite services than others do. 


1. How Much Should You Tip Nail Techs?

As a general rule, make an effort to tip between 15-20% of your charge. Tipping your nail tech is purely etiquette, and it also helps strengthen the bond between you and your nail tech. 

Nevertheless, a tip isn’t obligatory. If you weren’t pleased with the service, you can lessen your tip. Feel free to double the tip if your expectations are met.

Check here to know everything about tipping a nail tech. 

2. How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Nails Done?

It depends on the design you’re going for. Some salons charge more than others do. However, the standard rate for a simple color oat lies somewhere between $15-20. 

For acrylics, you should set a budget of about $25-$125, depending on the design you pick. Gel manicures will cost you around $50-60. 

3. How much does it cost to get your toe and fingers done?

It depends on where you’re getting it done. Some stores will offer you a discount if you’re getting both a manicure and a pedicure.

Small shops will offer both services to you for less than $100. Standard salons will charge you between $100-$150 for both. While super fancy spas or salons will charge you as much as $200-$500 for a session.

4. How much does nail polish cost?

Getting your nails polished in a salon will cost you less than $20. This is higher than the price for the polish itself, but it’s definitely worth it, especially if you get it done at a good salon.

5. How much do you tip for a $50 pedicure?

If your pedicure charge is $50, aim to tip about $10, thus bringing your total fee to $60. If you can’t afford a 20% tip, lower it to 15%.