What Is the Price of Nails at Salons [2023 Edition]

To meet the current trend with nail beautification, nail technicians have introduced many designs that have made beautifying nails a must-do for most women.

Some of the popular designs include basic manicures, acrylic and gel nails, and a host of other variants. To get the most out of the process and the best designs, most women opt for doing their nails in a salon.

If you’re wondering how you can achieve this without having to spend a fortune, knowing the price of nails at a salon will help you make good decisions. Let’s get right into a detailed analysis of the price of nails. 

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What Is the Price of Nails?

what is the price of nails

You can get your nails done at any place, based on your budget. You can even set an appointment with a nail technician at the regular price. But there are factors that affect the price of nails.

The table below shows a cross-section of statistics on the cost of nails, collected from major cities in the US. This analysis proves that the cost of nails differs from one location to another.

These numbers according to Statista, and answer your question of full set nails price near me

USA (average)$25$35$50
Los Angeles$30$35$45
New York$35$40$50
Atlanta$25$50 $55

Add-Ons that Cost Extra

The above list won’t be complete without recognizing the impact of seeming add-ons occasioned by the extras offered, especially during the finishing stage. These add-ups include.

  1. Nail art: This is priced around $1 – $5 or more, per nail.
  2. Jewels: This costs from $3 – $5 per nail.
  3. French tip: This is done with a price tag ranging from $5 to $10.

Add-ons can range in price from $5 to $25 or more, depending on the service provided.

Factors Affecting the Price of Nails

You can get your nails done based on the price given by the salon or your technician. However, the price of nails does not remain fixed due to certain dynamics. This price fluctuation is often caused by some factors which include the following. 

  1. Your choice of nail type: This includes simple manicure, acrylic, and gel nails.
  2. Type of salon: Your choice of salon or nail place also adds value to the cost of the nail. Nail Salon types such as budget or small, walk-in or average, luxury hotels, and spas; all have their unique price tags.
  3. Location: The location or area of the salon where you get your nails done can also affect the price. For instance, the price in Boston is not the same as in New York. 
  4. Extras: This includes nail arts, jewels, French tips, glitter, or complex design.

Figures gathered from Statista, show that the basic manicure is priced at $22.75, while acrylic and gel nails cost around $46.01 and $51.29 respectively.

Another possible addition to these prices is the tip given to the stylists or technicians. However, this is not usually considered a price determiner, because the cost of doing this is as little as 15% or 20% of your budget.

How Much Do Manicures Cost?

How much do nails cost? That’s likely your first question while trying to get your nails done. Getting your fingernails done by a technician with a standard package has a cost that ranges from $20 to$25.

While this looks affordable, it comes a tad behind the price of getting the same service in probably a hotel or one of those luxury spas downtown. The price in this type of place is pitched within $25 to $45.

These price tags could remain static if you do not opt for extras such as nail arts or French tips, which tend to take out an extra $5 or $10 from your purse. Even at this, it is also dependent on the type and color of design you desire to get. More complicated designs and colorful add-ons also mean more few dollars.

CostHelper provides us with the average prices of manicures, and these numbers are analyzed in the tables below. The grouping and cost-effectiveness are dependent on the type of nail you wish to get and where you want to get it done.

Cost of Painted Nails at Budget or Small Privately Owned Nail Salons

Nail TypeManicures Cost
Standard$10 – $15
Deluxe$20 – $25

Cost of Painted Nails at Average or Walk-in Nail Salons

Nail TypeCost Of Manicure
Standard$20 – $25
Deluxe$30 – $45

Cost of Painted Nails at Luxury Spas or Hotels

Nail TypeCost Of Manicures
Standard$25 – 45
Deluxe$50 – $75
Tabular Illustration of the Price of Manicure at various salons

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are artificial nails made from a mixture of a synthetic powder called acrylic and a liquid monomer. The mixture is formed into a blob of dough; then shaped on top of the nails with a brush.

The solution is applied close to the cuticle of the nail while the brush is used to pull it out to the tip of the finger and allows it to air-dry. After this, filing, cutting, smoothing, and the application of add-on designs follow. 

Early acrylic nails were made from the same resin as artificial teeth, but technology has improved it over the years. People key into it not just for its variety of style and beauty, it is also durable and serves as a protective layer to the natural nail which it covers. 

How Much Does Acrylic Nails Cost?

How Much Does Acrylic Nails Cost?
Courtesy of Instagram/@_glambyjulia

The price of getting acrylic nails ranges from $25 in budget shops and goes up to $70 or more in luxury spas or hotels. 

The price difference is orchestrated by technician expertise, nail length, and choice of nail type. Add-ons and tips also reflect the price of acrylic nails, as French tips increase the price range to $30 to $85. Also, Acrylic nails come up a bit in price due to their synthetic nature and components.

Based on the information from CostHelper

Cost of Acrylic Nails at Budget or Small Privately Owned Nail Salons

Nail TypeAcrylic Nail Cost
Standard$25 – $35
Pink and White Combo$30 – $40

Cost of Acrylic Nails at Average or Walk-in Nail Salons

Nail TypeAcrylic Nail Cost
Standard$35 – $45
Pink and White Combo$45 – $50

Cost of Acrylic Nails at Luxury Spas or Hotels

Nail TypeAcrylic Nail Cost
Standard$50 – $70
Pink and White Combo$75 – $85
Tabular Illustration of the Price of Acrylic Nails at various salons

Price of Acrylic Refill

According to Statista, the average cost of an acrylic refill is vaguely below $30, as it costs about $29.91 to get one done in 2019. However, the price of getting an acrylic refill ranges from $30 to $40.

Acrylic nails have a couple of advantages like durability and stylistic aesthetic. However, it has another feature that stands it out from other nail types and this feature is the acrylic refill. 

The acrylic refill is performed when there is a noticeable undergrowth of natural nails under the acrylic nail. Acrylic refill comes in handy, instead of going through the entire process of removing and applying new acrylic nails. 

It keeps the nails looking good and neat even with undergrowths. This feature proves that acrylic nails are economical. 

What Are Gel Nails?

Inarguably the quickest manicure to get done, gel nails are also a more natural option in the field of manicures. Its popularity among women is a result of the natural and non-toxic features of this nail care.

Gel nails are made from a monomer gel and pre-mixed polymer. It also employs the use of a UV radiator which treats the applied gel on the nails with light. Some technicians make use of a gel activator to add more sheen and length to the nails.

The price of gel nails stands at around $35 to $80 across all locations. The factors of design and expertise also play their role in determining the cost of getting your nails done with gel nails.

The selling point of gel nails is their low rate of maintenance. And it is your best bet if you are looking for a good nail plan for your weak nails and tender cuticles. It is also durable, hence its preference among working-class women.

How Much Do Gel Nails Cost?

price of nails
Courtesy of Instagram/@zmalowana_ana

The table below addresses the price distribution for gel nails across different types of shops. Just like other forms of nails, the cost of gel nails is determined by your choice of design and also the place of service.

Regular spots like small privately owned salons charge less, compared to hotels and spas whose luxury treatment and space reflect in their price range.

Cost of Gel Nails at Budget or Small Privately Owned Nail Salons

Nail Type Gel Nail Cost
Standard$35 – $40
Standard gel + art/jewels$45 – $60

Cost of Gel Nails at Average or Walk-in Nail Salons

Nail Type Gel Nail Cost
Standard $45 – $55
Standard gel + art/jewels$60 – $75

Cost of Gel Nails at Luxury Spas or Hotels

Nail Type Gel Nail Cost
Standard$60 – $80
Standard gel + art/jewels$85 – $100+
Tabular Illustration of the Price of Gel nails at various salons

P/S: All figures have been adopted from CostHelper.

From the table above, small shops charge $35 to $40, while mid-range salons and higher-end spas divide their charges between $45 to $55 and $60 to $80 respectively.

You should go for gel nails if you are a working-class woman, who deals with paperwork and handling files for people, as you need your nails to be up to the task at all times.

How to Care for Acrylic Nails?

Style and longevity seem to be clashing on several occasions and acrylic nails seem to be one of those several clashes. Having acrylic nails require regular maintenance and a slight adjustment in habit and conduct to keep your manicures intact for a longer time. 

A lot of nail technicians have prescribed methods and provided tips to aid you to maintain your acrylic nail for a long time. All the best advice pints towards filling, which helps you conceal the undergrowth of natural nails which your acrylic nail covers.

To achieve the maintenance feat, you have to commit to filling your nails once every two weeks. You can do this up to four times before considering removal and a fresh application if you so desire. As mentioned earlier, $20 – $40 is the cost of refilling acrylic nails. 

There are other tips on taking care of your acrylic nails and some of them include.

  1. Gentle treatment: Most nail technicians advise a mild treatment or use of your fingers if you wish to get the best out of your acrylic nails. Lifting heavy loads or scratching your hair with your nails should be shunned.
  2. Application of top coat:  Although this tip might be expensive for a lot of people pending the cost of top coat gel; it is also a viable maintenance tip for acrylic nails. The top coat helps to keep the nails smooth and looking fresh, especially the top of the nail which is the most visible. 
  3. No exposure to water: To ensure the longevity of your acrylic nails, you should desist from all forms of activities that involve immersing your fingers in the water. You should also abstain from contact with detergents.

What is a Manicure?

what is a manicure

A manicure is a beauty treatment that is performed on the hands. It is usually done in a nail shop or at home, using cosmetic tools and approaches. The process involved in manicure entails the filling and shaping of the nails to achieve nice-looking fingernails.

It now incorporates fashion in the form of painting and other designs aimed at bringing out the beauty in your hands.

What Is Included in a Manicure?

Manicure is done with the intent of achieving good-looking nails, so the things included to get this is.

  1. Nail prep involves the removal of overgrown fingernails and cleaning of the cuticles.
  2. Polishing is used to achieve smoothness and an even shape on your nails.
  3. Designing; the addition of attractive styles and oil designs is the add-ons included in manicure. It is also aimed at drawing attention to your nails due to its fine aesthetic.

How Often Should You Get Manicure?

You should get a manicure once every week if you’re subscribing to the basic manicures. However, a more professional manicure session is advised to be done once or twice a month. How often you should get a manicure is dependent on your taste and goal. 

Someone who aims for a shorter nail goes for regular manicures to achieve their goal. On the other hand, a lover of long nails would rather opt for the acrylic manicure which should be maintained once in 2 or 3 weeks. 

Overall, your decision on how often you get a manicure should be determined by your budget and your availability for such activities.

What Is the Healthiest Manicure To Get?

The healthiest manicure to get is a basic or standard manicure. This is because there are fewer complications with UV lights as in acrylic manicures or more chemicals as in gel manicures. It also aids you to perform your activities without having to take caution of your nails breaking off.

Do Gel Manicures Ruin Your Nails? 

Yes, they do. Although the negative effect left behind by gel manicures is not adverse, it is much to get a person worried. The major effects of gel manicure are weak nails that are prone to breakage at any time. It is also blamed for flaky nail beds in the fingers of many people who used it.

The Price Of Nails: FAQs

1. How Much Do Fingernails Cost?

The cost of getting your fingernails done is priced at an average of $30. This involves the basic process like filing, cutting nails, trimming, and application of nail polish. This price often differs depending on location and type of nail salon.

2. How Much Is the Average Full Set of Nails?

The average cost for a full set of nails is $50. This price can go up depending on your location and the nail art you wish to get. 

3. What Is Cheaper Gel or Acrylic Nails?

With an average price range of $30 – $50, the acrylic nail manicure is cheaper. The gel nail manicures have an average price that ranges from $30 – $75. The reason for the gel nail’s higher price is its component material that fosters its durability.

4. Which Is Better Gel or Acrylic Nails?

Gel nails are better than acrylic nails, due to their durability. These short nails can last up to two or three months, unlike acrylic nails which are only stylish with a huge maintenance package. They are also more flexible than acrylic nails, which are easily spoilt by the slightest mistake. The build of gel nails also looks more solid than acrylic nails.

5. How Much Do Acrylic Nails Cost at a Salon Near Me?

Acrylic nails at a salon cost $25 – $35 for standard packages while it costs around $30 – $40 for a Pink and White Combination. I assume there are a couple of regular or walk-in salons around your vicinity, so this price tallies with the cost of getting an acrylic nail manicure in such salons.

6. How Much Do Nails Cost at Home Depot?

HomeDepot analysis on the average price of nails ranges from $10 to $250. This is the least you can get from the site when it comes to nails. 

7. How Much Do Fake Nails Cost?

The price of fake nails ranges from $10 to $40. This price tag is dependent on some factors like quality, size, and design. The place and technician handling your nails can also add to the price of the nails.

8. How Much Do Refills Cost for Nails? 

The cost for nail refills is placed at $10 to $20 per sitting. However, the average price for refills across all salons and spas is within the range of $30 – $40.

9. How Much Should You Spend on a Manicure?

According to Groupon, you are expected to spend at least $20 on a manicure. But considering the application of several add-ons for more beautification and a better feel, you can spend $20 – $50 on a manicure.

10. How Much Is an Expensive Manicure? 

An expensive manicure has a starting price range of $40 to $50. This price rate is usually offered for acrylic and gel nail manicures. Although the average price of $20 is obtainable, it can emasculate up to $60 per session if you request such things as nail art, French tips, glitters, and fake jewels.

11. How Long Does a Basic Manicure Last?

The basic manicure is the easiest type of manicure to apply and also lasts the least. It can last for up to a week and a few days added.

12. How Much Is a Manicure With Nail Polish?

A basic manicure with nail polish costs around $10 – $35. The price tag on this is low because it simply involves cutting, trimming, and application of nail polish.

13. Should I Cut My Nails Before a Manicure?

No, you shouldn’t. It is not advisable because you might alter the desired shape that your nail technician works with. You might also get yourself injured because you’re not a professional in the field.

14. How Much Do You Tip for a Manicure?

If you’re satisfied with the service you got and the experience along the process; you can tip around 15% to 20% of your supposed bill to your nail specialist.