Itchy Palms Meaning Revealed [Left & Right Hand]

Looking to decipher the itchy palms meaning? In many cultures worldwide, people believe that itching palms have something to do with money.

However, the actual meaning of itchy palms depends on the location of the itch, your gender, and your culture. For example, left palm itching in males is not the same as itching in females. 

Generally, an itchy left palm in females means you should expect money. In males, it means you are headed towards a huge financial burden.

On the other hand, an itching right-hand means males will get money, and females will lose it. Although many people believe the itchy palm superstitions, sometimes the itch results from an infection. 

Some medically proven causes of itchy palms are hand eczema, allergic reactions, and diabetes. Unlike itchiness caused by a disease, the superstitious itchy palm is often spontaneous, without any underlying cause. 

In this article, I will share with you the meaning of left and right palm itching superstition. If you have an itchy hand, read on to find out how to enhance your luck and treat the itch.

Itchy Palms Meaning

Itchy Palms Meaning: What Does Left-hand Itching Mean? 

Itching on the left hand can mean something different in males and females. Think of medication and superstition if you have an itching right or left palm. 

Here are the interpretations of itchy palms: 

Left-hand Itching in a Female

The most famous left-hand itching occurred to Mary Shammas in June 2010. The 73-year-old grandma narrated to CBS the events that won her a $64 million lottery jackpot. CBS nicknamed it “the $64 million itch.”

Shammas boarded a bus that fateful day, but an extremely unusual itch on her left palm reminded her of the superstition. She alighted at the next bus stop and bought a lottery ticket that won her millions of dollars. 

In the Hindu religion, the itch is attributed to the goddess Lakshmi. Left-hand itching in women means the goddess of wealth and good fortune has visited you. Like grandma Shammas, there are things you can do to prepare for money and good fortune. 

Most importantly, take action. Would she have won the jackpot if Shammas never went for the lottery ticket? Perhaps not!

In some cultures, it is believed that you need to rub your palms with a wooden object to enhance your luck. Lastly, do not scratch the itching left palm using your right hand. That can also lower your luck.

Left-hand Itching In a Male 

For men, an itching left palm represents financial misfortunes. It almost always means that money obstacles like bills and utility charges are forthcoming. 

If you get an itchy palm, I recommend monitoring the next few days of your life to see what aspects of your finances are hugely impacted.

If a man’s left palm itches, they are more likely to lose money in unexpected situations. 

Left-hand itching in a male

Itchy Palms Meaning: What Does Right-hand Itching Mean?

You can interpret itchy palms as an illness or luck. These superstitions have descended many centuries and cultures worldwide and gained different interpretations.

Regardless of whether you are a “leftie” or a “rightie,” right-hand itching is interpreted the same way.

For men, it means finding money. If you have an itch on your right hand, you can find dropped money or locate money stashed in a hidden place.

Right-hand Itching Male

In 2018, my friend’s elder brother had a particularly intense itching right hand. We can still remember vividly how everything happened. My friend and I sat on the sofa in their living room when his brother Jackson returned from the hospital. Their grandfather was in the ICU.

Before reporting their grandfather’s health status to us, Jackson started the conversation with a question. “What is the meaning of an itchy palm?” he asked. “On my way home, my right palm was itching for like two minutes. Isn’t that weird?” Jackson continued.

However, we rubbed it off as superstition. We did not dwell on the subject and quickly changed the conversation to their grandfather, who unfortunately passed away later that day. Luckily, Jackson’s grandpa left him a large sum of money in his will. 

Unlike grandma Shammas’s $64 million left-hand itch, Jackson’s was an itch in the right hand. The itch foreshadowed his financial wins. However, whether itching palms in males and females is a superstition is still debatable. 

In men, itching hands are interpreted naturally. The next time you feel an itch on your left or right palm, remember that the left is bad and the right is good – at least in males.

Therefore, the former means you will get money, and the latter implies that you will incur heavy financial burdens if you are male. 

Right-hand itching female

In females, itching right palms means you will lose money. That meaning is the opposite of right-hand itching in males.

In Hinduism, it means that the goddess Lakshmi was with you but is now leaving your life. If you monitor your life in the next few 

Whereas 68% of people believe in luck, you are likely to experience a paltry five percent of luck in your lifetime. The rest of it is hard work, dedication, and bad luck.

However, the collective consciousness and belief in superstitions can make them manifest.

For example, if a person believes in ghosts, they are more likely to see ghosts. Likewise, if you don’t believe that an itching palm represents good fortune, it means nothing.

Right-hand itching female

Here is a summary of the meaning of itchy palms in males and females:

Itchy palms meaningItchy left palmItchy right palm
MaleYou will lose moneyYou will get money,
FemaleYou will get moneyYou will use money

Which Hand Is Lucky for Money?

We pursue money to make things possible in our lives. You are probably working so hard to get money. However, it’s not always about hard work and dedication.

Luck also happens in itching left hands in females and itching right hands in males in the lottery.

Other good-luck superstitions include finding a horseshoe, using salt to ward off evil spirits, and saying “God Bless You.” These superstitions have descended many centuries and cultures, including the early Romans and the 6th century Europeans.

You are more likely to believe superstitions if you are stressed. Although you should not rely on them, believing in luck reduces anxiety and gives you a sense of control.

For example, if you believe that you will win the lottery, you are more likely to succeed due to consistent ticket purchases.

Here are other things to expect if your lucky hand is itching:

  • Unexpected money to your account
  • Finding lost or hidden money
  • Winning a bet or lottery
  • Benefiting from your share market investment
  • Landing an unexpected better deal
  • Being mentioned in a loved one’s will. 

However, it is worth noting that itchy left or right palms in males and females can be due to a medical condition. Although you might think of it as a sign of good or bad luck, you should see the doctor if the itching persists. 

Don’t worry much. Itching palms rarely mean a serious health problem. However, you may need frequent treatment if it’s a chronic skin condition. 

Itchy Palms Meaning: Conclusion

Ask yourself some questions before assuming that the itching hand is a sign of luck. For instance, what have you touched today? Which of them are you allergic to? Are you repeatedly exposed to irritants or chemicals?

An itchy left palm means you should expect good things. The most immediate of which is money. If you are a female, left-hand itching means you will get money, and right-hand itching means you will lose money. 

The reverse is true in males. Right-hand itching in males means money is coming to you, and left-hand itching means you will lose money somehow. Unfortunately, there is little science to back up the superstitions.

If your itchy palm is not a medical problem, monitor your finances in the next one or two weeks and decipher the meaning of the itch. 

Have you done it already? What did your itchy palms mean? Share with me in the comments section below.