$30 An Hour Is How Much A Year? [Is It a Good Pay?]

Are you wondering ‘$30 an hour is how much a year if it is a good wage, and can you live off it? Here’s what you need to know.

The median weekly earnings of full-time workers in the United States was $1041 in the second quarter of 2022, according to BLS.

So, assuming you work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, a $30 per hour salary is $62,400 a year. That is just over the above median income in the United States.

This means that you have to earn at least a $30 per hour salary to achieve a salary above the national average. Of course, your salary may vary depending on your position and experience level.

But how much does a yearly wage of $30 an hour amount to per week, per day, bi-weekly, or annually after taxes? Read on to find out the calculations and discover the complete guide to budgeting your $30 an hour salary.

$30 an Hour is How Much a Year? 

$30 an hour is how much a year

If you have a job that requires your full-time dedication, you should anticipate spending an average of 40 hours a week at work there. To calculate how much is your yearly salary, let’s assume you work 52 weeks a year (with 2 weeks of paid vacation).

So, 30 dollars an hour is how much a year before taxes? The typical annual work week of 2,080 hours (40 hours per week multiplied by 52 weeks) times your hourly wage of $30 results in an annual salary of $62,400 before taxes.

30 an hour x 52 weeks x 40 hrs = $62,400

How Much Is 30 Dollars an Hour Monthly? 

Assuming you are a full-time worker, if you make $30 an hour, you will make $5,200 before taxes.

To arrive at a net pay of $5,200, simply divide your annual pay by 12 months.

Monthly Full-Time Pay: $62,400 annual pay/12 months = $5,200

However, if you work 25 hours per week and get paid $30 an hour, you would make around $3,250 before taxes.

25 hours worked x 52 weeks = 1,300 hours
$30 x 1,300 hours = $39,000 annual income
Monthly Part-time Pay: $39,000 / 12 months = $3,250

How Much Is $30 an Hour Per Week? 

To break it out by the week, assuming you work a full-time job, your weekly earnings are $1,200 before taxes.

To arrive at $1,200, multiply $30 by your hours worked.

Weekly Full-time Pay: $30 x 40 hrs = $1,200

On the other hand, if you only work 25 hours per week, your weekly income would be $750 before taxes.

Weekly Part-time Pay: $30 x 25 hrs = $750

How Much Is $30 an Hour Bi-weekly?

To add up how much you make bi-weekly before taxes, multiply $30 by 40 hours and 2 weeks if you work full-time. If you work 25 hours a week, you will multiply $30 by 25 hours and 2 weeks. 

You will earn a gross income of $2400 if you work a full-time job. While if you work part-time, your income before tax is $1,500.

How Much Is $30 an Hour Per Day?

Let’s discover how much money you make per day based on an hourly wage of $30.

Assuming you are working full-time (8 hours a day), $30 an hour is how much a day?  

$30 an hour x 8 hours is $240 daily.

Now, assuming you work 4 hours a day, $30 an hour multiplied by 4 hours is $120 daily

$30 an Hour is How Much a Year After Taxes?

If you earn $62,400 annual taxable income (almost double that of a $32,000 annual salary), it puts you in the 22% Federal tax bracket in 2021. On the other hand, your state might have different brackets, a flat income tax or no income tax at all.

To make things easier, let’s use this Income Tax Calculator to figure out an individual’s net annual wage in New Jersey.

A New Jersey resident earning $62,400 per year will pay a total tax obligation of $12,848 representing an effective tax rate of 20.6%. (this includes federal taxes, state taxes, and FICA taxes). After taxes, the yearly salary of $30 per hour will be $49,552.

Your expected take-home would be a $49,552 annual salary. 

(Please do note that this varies between states. To know how much of your yearly income goes to taxes, you can use the income tax calculator mentioned above).

Similarly, your expected take-home pay for a 25-hour work week would be $32,142!

How Much Is 30 Dollars a Month After Taxes?

Assuming you pay a 20.6% effective tax on your income, your net pay will be around $4,130 monthly if you work eight hours a week.

To obtain $4,130 take-home pay, divide your annual after-tax income by 12 months.

Monthly Full-time Pay: $49,550/12 = $4,130 take-home pay

On the other hand, if you work less than eight hours a day (25 hours a week), your income per month would be around $2,678 after taxable income.

To get $2,678, simply divide the annual after-tax pay you receive if you work part-time by 12 months.

Monthly Part-time Pay: $32,142/12 = $2,678 after taxes

$30 an Hour is How Much a Week After Taxes?

$30 an hour salary will amount to a $1,032 weekly salary after taxes.

To calculate your net pay after tax if you work a full-time job, divide your monthly after-tax pay by 4 weeks.

Weekly Full-time Pay: $4,130/4 = $1,032 after-tax

If you work 25 hours per week, your weekly salary will be $670. This is the after-tax amount you will receive.

Weekly Part-time Pay: $2,678/4 = $670 after-tax

How Much Is 30 Dollars Hourly Wage Biweekly After Taxes?

Your after taxes income considering you work full-time is $2,064 every two weeks.

To arrive at your bi-weekly take-home pay, simply multiply your weekly income by 2.

Bi-weekly Full-time Pay: $1,032 x 2 = $2,064 net income

If you work part-time, you would receive $1,340 biweekly after deducting tax from your taxable income.

To obtain $1,340 bi-weekly, multiply your weekly after-tax income by 2.

Bi-weekly Part-time Pay: $670 x 2 = $1,340 bi-weekly

Is $30 a Good Hourly Salary? 

The direct answer to this question is: yes, $30 an hour is a good salary!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage in the United States as of July of 2022, is $27.57.

However, whether $30 an hour is a “good” wage or not is subjective and will depend on a variety of individual factors like your state or city, the number of children you have, how much taxes you pay, and your way of living.

However, whether $30 an hour is a “good” wage or not is subjective and will depend on a variety of individual factors like your state or city, the number of children you have, how much taxes you pay, and your way of living.

With proper budgeting, you can save a decent amount of money in your savings account. 

Can You Live off $30 an Hour?

It is definitely possible to support yourself with a $30 per hour salary. Given that your annual salary is $62,400, it is well considered good pay since it is above the national average wage index for 2020 which is $55,628.60

However, no matter how big your annual salary is, it is not an assurance that you are financially free. Knowing how to save money is a must if you have a goal that you want to achieve in the next 5-10 years.

Can You Buy a House Making $30 per Hour?

Can You Buy a House Making $30 per Hour?

According to recent data, the average upfront cost to buy a new home in the United States is $43,874. This price includes not only the initial down payment but also the closing charges and the first monthly payment as well.

Given that you earn a $62,400 yearly salary, you can absolutely afford to buy a decent house, if you can manage to save at least a 5-10% down payment!

However, you still have monthly expenses to worry about. Good thing that there are mortgage options that are readily available given that you have a good credit score (620 or higher) and debt to income ratio (DTI) of below 43%.

30 Dollars an Hour Sample Budget

30 Dollars an Hour Sample Budget

Making a budget is easy, but implementing it is the hard part. The first step that you need to do is take note of your after-tax income per month.

As calculated previously, your annual salary is $62,400 and your monthly salary is $5,200 before taxes. The after-tax monthly income is $3,640. A sample budget will help you oversee and better understand your spending.

Presented below is an example budget with the common monthly expenses that can serve as your guide if you are earning a $62,400 yearly salary:

Utilities $41010%
Health Insurance$41010%
Personal Expenses$2055%

Tips to Living off $30 Per Hour

Tips to Living off $30 Per Hour

Earning a $30 hourly rate is above the average hourly wage of $10.86 in June of 2022. Still, too many expenditures that are non-essential can cause you problems financially.

The following is a list of actions that you can take to strengthen your financial position in the years to come:

1. Track your biggest and essential expenses.

These pertain to your rent, transportation, food, and utilities. When it comes to your finances, you should make sure that these expenditures are one of your top priorities. Getting short of funds on these big expenses will make your life hard.

2. Create a monthly budget.

You can start by jotting down your monthly expenses and how much money you make every month. After that, deduct your outgoing costs from your income.

Ensure that this amount is more than zero. If you don’t have anything left, it’s time to cut off some expenditures like eating out and some of your leisure activities.

Read on our example budget presented above to be guided. 

3. Spend less than you make.

Spend less than you make

In order for you to stop the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck, you should spend less than you make. Always keep your costs below your income.

4. Have an emergency fund.

Prevention is better than cure!

Unexpected events like job loss, the death of a loved one, or medical bills can surely drown you financially. Being prepared will make you calm and think more critically to resolve the problem. Thinking of the unexpected will help you prepare for any kinds of setbacks in your personal finance.

Read on The Best Personal Finance Books To Make You Think Like a Millionaire for some inspiration and valuable lifetime learnings!

30 Dollars an Hour Jobs

30 Dollars an Hour Jobs

Having a college degree is an edge. However, more and more companies and employers do not require a college degree as they value the hard work of a person rather than their credentials.

Ready to make more money? The following jobs do not require college degrees.

Job NameJob Description Pay Scale 
Construction ManagerOversees the construction of facilities and works all around.$30 hourly wage to $34 hourly wage
Air Traffic ControllerEnsures that planes maintain a safe distance between each other and help with efficient scheduling.$30 hourly wage to $41.11 hourly wage
Video Game DesignerDesigns and creates the storyline and structure of a video game.$30 hourly rate to $34 hourly rate
Elevator TechnicianAssembles, installs, and maintains elevators.$22.15 per hour to $32 per hour
Digital MarketerHelps maintain the brand of a company or organization by working on marketing campaigns.$30 hourly rate to $35 hourly rate

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