10 Work From Home Tips to Keep You Productive and Motivated

It seems like everyone is working from home these days. And I feel like you either really love it, or you really hate it.

I know you have seen those ads with the people who are casually working on the beach in a swimsuit, sipping a cocktail, and having the time of their lives. And as that may be the case for some people, its just not realistic for most.

Working from home can have very real challenges and is not always butterflies and rainbows. Your 8-10 hours of work still needs to get done whether you are in the office, or at home in your PJs.

BUT, working from home can also be amazing and life changing if you are able to stay on track and keep motivated. I have wrote out a few work-from-home tips to showcase how I have personally been successful working from home and I hope you find them useful as well!


1. Organize and plan your day –

Making a schedule for yourself is crucial if you want to stay on track throughout the day. It might be helpful for you to make a designated start time, break time, and lunch time. This can be written out the night before, or first thing in the morning if you have a morning routine.

For me, this means making a checklist of the things I need to get done that day and start checking them off one by one as I get them completed. Otherwise, I am scattered, stressed, and can feel really unproductive.

Other ways you could do this is to write out specific deadlines on when you need to complete certain tasks. But don’t forget to give yourself some time in between for lunches and breaks. Trust me on this one. I have skipped lunch a few times by being too busy and then I end up ravenously hungry and go into a chip-eating frenzy. Being hangry is not a great look on me.)

You could also meal prep your lunches so that there is no need to get up and make a huge meal in the middle of the day. It ultimately comes down to what will work best for you and how you feel most organized.


2. Choose a designated work area – 

It is important to keep work and play separate, especially if your work is at home where you typically go to relax.

Having a designated work area will help keep you focused as well. This could mean working at a desk in a separate room in your home like an office, at your kitchen table, or even in a basement. But waking up every morning and sitting in bed to work for the day will usually end up not working out in the long run.

Bonus tip: I have found that it is helpful to also get up and immediately get dressed every morning. Staying in pajamas all day might work for some people, but after a while, it can start to make you feel lazy and unmotivated.


3. Take frequent breaks – 

This isn’t always possible, but I highly suggest taking frequent breaks throughout the day to clear your head, stretch, or go for a short walk. Although you are stepping away from your work for a few minutes, it will ultimately get you back in the right mindset to keep going and stay motivated.


4. Exercise and get outside – 

If you are working from home, chances are you are sitting stagnant at your work space for hours on end. Getting some exercise or some fresh air throughout the day is great for productivity.

If the weather is nice, getting outside for a walk or to get a few minutes of fresh air can also be very refreshing.


5. Remember that its okay to take time off when needed –

Have you ever been sick and felt bad for taking a day or two off to recover? Me too.

It’s okay to take time off when you need it though. I would actually encourage it.

Working while you’re sick or when you’re on vacation with your family usually makes work a lot less productive. And it can actually create more work for you if you are distracted and end up not doing the work right the first time.

Being able to relax and give yourself the time you need to recover is important for your health and your productivity.


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6. Get rid of distractions –

Cell phones….social media….notifications…..email. They are all the enemies to a work-from-home business. In today’s world, it seems like there are distractions at every corner and they can AND WILL keep you from getting things done.

It’s important to keep yourself accountable for staying on track, especially when you don’t have a helicopter boss looking over your shoulder doing it for you. You can achieve this by turning off all notifications on your phone and/or laptop while working to maintain efficiency during work hours.

For me, this means putting my phone somewhere where I can’t see or hear it and only checking it when I take a break.


7. Don’t do other tasks around the house throughout the day – 

This is the one I used to struggle with the most and is one of the most important tips to adhere to!

Getting up periodically throughout the day to “straighten up” or do chores is a bad idea.

Let’s be honest, there is always something we could be doing around the house to make it look a little cleaner. Once you start the habit of getting up to clean during your work hours, you will slowly start doing this whenever you see even the slightest mess. This can be one of the worst distractions and can give you an accuse to not get stuff done during the day.

I found that it is helpful to keep chores and work completely separate and only clean up your home after you are finished working for the day.


8. Make time to socialize –

I don’t do this one very well either. Having a social life really isn’t important to me, but I know it is important to a lot of other people.

When you are at home by yourself all day every day, it can definitely start to feel lonely at times. You might even feel isolated if you are home alone while your spouse or friends work in an office setting and get to socialize with others throughout the day.

It is important to squeeze in some social interaction every once in awhile, even if that means calling a friend, meeting someone for lunch or getting involved in your community.


9. Explain your work and set expectations to the people In your home –

If you have people that you live with that don’t work from home, they might not understand that working at home still means that you have to work. Kids usually don’t understand this either.

Laying out your expectations to the people that you live with will greatly help them understand that you are working and you need to not be distracted during work time. This also means explaining that even though you work from home, you are not able to just drop everything you are doing and run errands all day every day either.

Setting those boundaries up front will not only help your friends and family understand your business, but can also help keep you focused on what you need to focus on.


10. Have fun and enjoy!

This is the best tip of all!

Like I said before, working from home can be absolutely amazing and a lot less stressful than working in an office setting (in my opinion). Work is work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and have fun with it.

I would love to hear if you work from home and use and of these tips or if you look forward to trying out the ones I listed. Let me know in a comment!


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