Create and Go Course Review: Launch Your Blog Biz

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It’s no secret that blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn money online these days. 

But setting up a profitable blog on your own can be challenging. There are many factors that you need to consider such as hosting, design, choosing a theme, building a brand, gaining traffic, etc. 

This is why taking a solid blogging course is crucial, especially if you have never built a website before. 

That’s where the Launch Your Blog Biz course by Create and Go comes into play. 

But is this course worth the money? 

In this post, I will give you my honest Create and Go course review on Launch Your Blog Biz. More specifically: 

  • Who the creators of the course are and if you should trust them
  • A complete overview of the course
  • What’s inside the course 
  • Pro’s and con’s of taking the course
  • Who the course is for – and who it’s not for
  • My honest opinion of the course
  • Other Create and Go courses 

Who are the creators of Create and Go and why should you trust them? 

Launch your blog biz

Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus are the two masterminds behind the website Create and Go and all of the online courses they offer. 

Along with many others, they both felt trapped working 9-5 jobs where they never had enough time, money, or freedom to do the things they love. 

So they started a health and fitness blog… which failed, miserably. 

After a few months, they tried again and started another health and fitness blog called Avocadu. This was the first successful blog that eventually made them six-figures per year.

Once they figured out the “secret sauce” of growing a successful blog, they created the website Create and Go to teach others their formula to make money blogging. 

They quit their 9-5 jobs to pursue their blogs and good thing they did. 

Their two blogs quickly began to earn them six-figures per month. (They have plenty of income reports on their website to prove it). 

Their goal is to help others make a part-time or full-time income with their blogging business. And they have helped many bloggers achieve their blogging dreams with their online courses. 

What’s inside the Launch Your Blog Biz course 

The Launch Your Blog Biz course is an online course that is offered through Teachable. 

Launch your blog biz course

This course provides both text and step-by-step videos for you to follow along as you set up your blog.

They also offer a private support group on Facebook (only for course students) where you can ask questions, share advice, and stay up to date on training videos and course updates. 

Alex and Lauren take a very laid-back and no BS approach to teaching in their blogging courses. They give you their honest thoughts and won’t sugarcoat anything. 

The expectation is clear that blogging takes work and determination. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme! 

This course will ultimately teach you how to: 

  • Start a WordPress blog 
  • Choose your blog theme and design 
  • Write content that people actually want 
  • Be able to legally protect your blog to avoid lawsuits 
  • Make money with email marketing, ads, and affiliate marketing
  • And how to get tons of free traffic
  • Make an income blogging

Of course, these are only some of the things you will learn. This course is packed full of information on what it takes to create and design a money-making blog! 

Who is Launch Your Blog Biz for? 

The Launch Your Blog Biz course is primarily designed for:

Those who have not yet started a blog 

If you want to start a blog but are feeling overwhelmed and confused, Launch Your Blog Biz is a great place to start. 

You will learn step-by-step how to build a blog from scratch and design it in a way that will attract readers. 

Newbie bloggers that are stuck with building or designing their current blog.

If you have already started a blog but are feeling lost in the design process, this course is also for you. 

There are many different modules in the course that show you how to choose a blog theme and then design your blog. It will also walk you through how to create your overall “brand” with logo design and content strategies. 

Beginner bloggers who are confused on how to make their first few dollars blogging 

This course is also a great option for those who recently created a blog but aren’t sure how to properly advertise content or make money with their blogs. 

Some of the modules briefly explain how to make money with email marketing, affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts, and guest posts. 

Who is Launch Your Blog Biz not for? 

This course is not for: 

Intermediate or advanced bloggers looking to make more money 

If you already have a money-making blog with a decent amount of content, this course is not for you. 

This course is geared towards helping beginner bloggers get to the intermediate level. 

So if you have already set up your blog, built an email list, written some content, and have started to monetize, you won’t find much value in Launch Your Blog Biz

Bloggers who are NOT looking to monetize their blogs 

If you are planning to start a blog as a hobby and do not plan to monetize it, then this course won’t be very valuable to you. 

This course is all about creating and building a money-making business with blogging. 

Bloggers looking to increase traffic with SEO 

Although there are modules in this course that explain how to gain traffic through social media, this is not a course to learn about search engine optimization (SEO). 

What’s inside the course

This is an extensive course with an abundance of information. While it is possible to rush through it within a few weeks, most people take about 1-2 months to get through it. 

Here are the modules that are included:

  • Introduction and Course Objectives
  • Blogging Mindset
  • Getting Started: Hosting, WordPress, and Initial Setup
  • Blog Themes and Design
  • Blog Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Setting Up Your Email Campaign and Strategy
  • Ads and Sponsored Posts
  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • Finding and Selling Affiliate Products
  • Blog Traffic Basics
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Facebook Groups
  • Skills, Hacks, and Other Blogging Resources
  • The Next Steps… Bonus Videos from Six-Figure Blogger
  • Become an Affiliate for Create and Go

Within each module, there are anywhere between 2-10 individual slides that include text and videos. 

There are also a few Course Bonuses: 

  • Affiliate Programs and Marketplaces Round-Up
  • Email Trust Funnel Templates
  • Community Support Group
  • Lifetime Access and Updates

As you can see, there is a lot to learn

But Alex and Lauren make it seamless and easy to pick a niche, create and design your blog, and start to monetize with different strategies. 

Alex and Lauren Create and Go

Pros and cons of the Launch Your Blog Biz course 


  • This course is mostly videos which is great for visual learners and those who need step-by-step instructions. 
  • Having access to the private support group is also helpful for when you have additional questions about the course.
  • You have lifetime access to the course once you purchase it.
  • Alex and Lauren offer a very fair refund policy. You will receive a full refund within 60 days as long as you can prove that you have taken the full course, implemented their strategies, and haven’t seen any results. 


  • Not great for intermediate to advanced bloggers. This course is not intended to help you earn a six-figure income with blogging, however Create and Go offers other courses that teach you how to do this (more on this later). 
  • There is not much detail in the course on how to use Plugins. The course recommends certain Plugins but does not show you how to properly use them. You will need to search for this information on your own. 

How much does it cost and is it worth the money? 

All of the above information is great, but you may be wondering, “is Create and Go legit?”, “is Create and Go worth it?” 

Create and Go’s Launch Your Blog Biz is only $297 which is very affordable for the amount of information that comes with the course. 

Take it from someone who has taken quite a few blogging courses: This course is worth the money.

I have taken courses that are double this price and don’t offer nearly as much detail or step-by-step information. 

However, keep in mind that if you plan to go all-in with your blogging business, you will have some additional costs after purchasing the course. 

For example, you will need to choose a hosting company, which will typically cost you about $3 per month. You may also consider purchasing a theme and an email marketing service. 

Most of these additional services are recurring costs that you will need to pay monthly for, so keep that in mind as well. 

But these are all costs that you would have to pay for anyways if you are looking to start a successful blogging business. 

Overall, I believe this course is 100% worth your money and will end up paying for itself in no time if you implement their advice and strategies. 

My Honest Opinion of the Launch Your Blog Biz course 

If you are completely new to blogging and aren’t sure where to start, this course is definitely for you. 

As stated before, I have taken many blogging courses and Create and Go’s courses are definitely worth the money. 

Now you may be wondering, “Can’t I just find this information for free on the internet without having to pay for an online course?” 

The answer is: No.

You will not gain as much insight or detail by simply reading other blog posts on “How to Start a Blog”. 

Alex and Lauren have also tried and tested many different blogging tools. They know what works and what doesn’t. This will save you a TON of time trying to figure out which ones are best. 

And if you try to figure out blogging on your own, chances are you will get stuck at some point and will end up needing a blogging course anyway. 

So save yourself the time and headache of trying to figure everything out on your own and consider taking the Launch You Blog Biz course. 

Other courses by Create and Go 

I stated before that Create and Go offers other blogging courses as well. 

Here is a list of all the courses by Create and Go: 

Launch Your Blog Biz

This is a course for complete beginners to blogging. If you don’t currently have a blog or just recently created one and are feeling stuck, this course is for you.

Pinterest Avalanche

After your blog is built and you have some solid content, you will want to gain traffic. Pinterest Avalanche is a course that shows you how to get free traffic from Pinterest. 

Six-Figure Blogger

This is a course is intended for intermediate to advanced bloggers who have already made an income with their blogs and are looking to take it to the next level. If you are looking to make a full-time living with your blogging business, this course is a must. 

Pro Blogger Bundle

This is the ultimate bundle that includes each courses listed above (Launch Your Blog Biz, Pinterest Avalanche, and Six-Figure Blogger). 

If you are ready to dive headfirst into your blogging business this bundle will help you get there!  

The Bottom Line: Create and Go Course Review 

If you are looking for ways to make money online with a blogging business, the Launch Your Blog Biz course is a great place to start. 

This course has a ton of information that will show you how to successfully build and design a blog from start to finish. 

I have personally gained a ton of knowledge and confidence in my blogging abilities from taking this course and I know others have as well. 

Hopefully this Launch Your Blog Biz course review gave you enough information to make the leap and start your own blogging journey! 

With this course, you will have a beautiful blog set up in no time and will be on your way to earning money online! 

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